Debating Debrief

Last night SCOTS PGC College had two teams debating in the QDU Toowoomba Region Competition.

The Year 9s debated against Downlands College on the topic, “That the Melbourne Cup should be banned”. SCOTS PGC College was for the negative and won by a very small margin. Their preparation and more profound arguments won them the debate. Kate McCarthy overcame sickness and nerves to deliver a strong start as first speaker, Sophie Bignell overcame nerves and inexperience as a first time debater to consolidate, and Hannah Myer used her strong academic skills to prepare the sophisticated arguments and her team mates. It was a wonderful team effort.

The Senior team lost a close debate against St Ursula’s College. Sam Proudlove, Joshua Bailey and Joshua Crow each delivered strong performances based on good preparation but were beaten by a better team on the night.

Both teams were the recipient of valuable feedback and will continue to grow through their debating experience.

A thank you goes to the timekeepers, Harriet Plummer ((Year 9) and Kira Holmes (Year 11). Thanks especially to Ms Hight for her support and attending last night to support the Senior debating team.