Tenacious Together

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

As we find ourselves on the cusp of completing another eventful term, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible tenacity that each member of our SCOTS PGC College community has displayed. It’s a quality that has been shining through our students’ accomplishments and the unwavering support of our parents and carers. Let’s delve into the concept of tenacity, explore some inspiring examples, and discuss how we can harness it to make the most of the final two weeks of Term 3.

Tenacity Unveiled: What It Means and Why It Matters

Tenacity, often referred to as determination or perseverance, is the remarkable ability to stay committed to a goal despite challenges and setbacks. It’s the driving force behind many of history’s greatest achievements and is an essential trait for personal and academic growth. At SCOTS PGC College, tenacity is one of our core values and we see it in action every day – from a student mastering a difficult math concept to a parent guiding their child through a tough study session.

Drawing Inspiration from Tenacious Figures

Throughout history, tenacity has been exemplified by individuals who faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles but triumphed through their unwavering determination. Consider the story of Thomas Edison, who failed countless times before successfully inventing the light bulb. His famous quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” underpins the power of a tenacious mindset.

Incorporating Tenacity into the Final Fortnight of Term 3

As we approach the conclusion of Term 3, we have a golden opportunity to infuse the spirit of tenacity into our daily lives.  The exam study guide from Mr Fatouros in the Senior School article also details the value that sits behind being tenacious in your approach to preparing for exam time. Here are a few ways students and parents can embrace this quality:

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define your objectives for the next two weeks. Whether it’s completing assignments, preparing for assessments, or mastering a skill, having clear goals will give you a sense of purpose and direction.
  2. Break Tasks into Smaller Steps: Tenacity thrives when faced with manageable challenges. Break down larger tasks into smaller, more achievable steps. Each step conquered will fuel your determination to tackle the next.
  3. Embrace Mistakes: Instead of fearing mistakes, see them as opportunities to learn and grow. Remember that each setback brings you one step closer to success, much like Edison’s light bulb experiments.
  4. Practice Resilience: Tenacity and resilience go hand in hand. When facing difficulties, remind yourself of past accomplishments and draw strength from the challenges you’ve overcome.
  5. Seek Support: Just as Edison had a team of assistants, surround yourself with a support network of friends, family, teachers, and classmates who believe in your abilities and can offer guidance when needed.
  6. Celebrate Progress: Take a moment to acknowledge your achievements, no matter how small. Celebrating progress will boost your motivation and reinforce your tenacious mindset.

Let’s Finish Strong, Together

As we forge ahead in these last two weeks of Term 3, let’s remember that tenacity is not merely a trait but a muscle we can strengthen over time. Each challenge we face is an opportunity to grow and refine our ability to persevere. By setting clear goals, breaking down tasks, and embracing the lessons of resilience, we can navigate the final stretch with unwavering determination.

I’m confident that as members of the SCOTS PGC College community, we will continue to inspire and support one another on this journey of growth and learning. Here’s to a successful conclusion of Term 3!


From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Getting ready for Exams Mr Blake Fatouros | Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation As we continue to head towards the end of the school …


From the Senior School

Getting ready for Exams

Mr Blake Fatouros | Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

As we continue to head towards the end of the school year, the various examination blocks for Years 8 to 12 will soon be upon us. Examinations for students in Years 8 to 11 can be an effective tool for students to understand their knowledge base; a reflection of their dedication, and hard work across the year, as well as identify areas for improvement in the new year. For our Year 12s, Mock Exams are a great diagnostic tool to identify any gaps in knowledge and assist in your preparation for the final external assessment.

To help you navigate this important phase effectively, we’ve put together some valuable tips and strategies for preparing for the upcoming exams.

  1. Start Early: The Power of a Study Schedule

Procrastination can be your worst enemy during exam season. The key to success is starting early. Create a study schedule that outlines what topics you need to cover and when. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and stick to your schedule. Starting early allows you to cover the material thoroughly and reduces last-minute stress.

  1. Understand Your Learning Style

Everyone has a unique learning style. Some students are visual learners and benefit from diagrams and charts, while others are auditory learners who grasp concepts better through discussion or listening. Understanding your learning style will help you tailor your study techniques. Experiment with different methods to discover what works best for you.

  1. Summarise and Organise Your Notes

Effective note-taking is crucial. Review your class notes and textbooks and create concise summaries or outlines of key concepts. Use colour coding or highlighters to emphasize important information. Organising your notes in a structured manner makes it easier to revise and retrieve information during your exams.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become. Solve past exam papers, sample questions, and additional exercises related to your subjects. This not only helps you understand the format of the exam but also reinforces your understanding of the content and assists with your ability to recall information. Don’t forget to time yourself to simulate exam conditions.

  1. Seek Help When Needed

If you’re struggling with a particular topic, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to your teachers, pastoral care tutor or classmates. Clarifying doubts early can prevent confusion and ensure a solid understanding of the subject matter.

  1. Stay Healthy and Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

A healthy body and mind are essential for peak performance. Make sure to get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals, and stay hydrated. Regular exercise can also help reduce stress and improve concentration. Remember, taking breaks during your study sessions is crucial. Short, frequent breaks are more effective than long, infrequent ones.

  1. Minimise Distractions

Create a quiet, organised study environment that is free from distractions. Turn off your phone or use apps that block distracting websites during study hours. A focused study session of 2 hours can be more productive than a distracted one of 4 hours.

  1. Practice Mindfulness and Stress Management

Exam stress is natural, but it can be managed. Practice mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing exercises, to stay calm and focused. Remember, a positive attitude and self-belief can go a long way in boosting your confidence.

  1. Review and Revise Regularly

Don’t leave all your revision for the last minute. Regularly review the material you’ve covered to reinforce your memory. Use flashcards, self-quizzes, or group study sessions to consolidate your knowledge.

Success in exams is not just about intelligence; it’s about smart and consistent preparation. These tips and strategies can assist you to be well-prepared to tackle your exams with confidence. Remember, it’s not about being perfect; it’s about giving your best effort.

We wish you all the best in your upcoming exams. You’ve got this!


Embracing the Spirit of Giving: A Journey in Community Service

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

Throughout the year, the College has continued to serve the Warwick community through the commitment of our students. Led by School Prefects Hamish Swift and Mitch Twidale, the Community Service Team have joined hands to embody the true spirit of giving back through an array of community service initiatives.

From organising food drives for the Warwick Community Caravan and the Lighthouse Program to 25 students volunteering for Riding for the Disabled in Terms 2  and 3, assisting at the Uniting Church Fetes, and honouring the brave men and women of our Armed Forces at memorial services, the College has become a beacon of compassion and empathy. These endeavours not only exemplify the power of collective action but also nurture the values of empathy and social responsibility in our students.

Our next endeavour will be the Ponytail project where a member of staff and several Year 12 girls bravely chop off their ponytails both raise money for cancer sufferers but also to make wigs from their donated hair for those bravely battling through the effects of chemotherapy. As we reflect on our journey this year, we are reminded that even the smallest acts of kindness can create ripples of change that extend far beyond our immediate surroundings, fostering a stronger, more connected community for all.

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From the Middle School

Middle School Grandparents Program: Fostering Connections and Compassion Mrs Melissa Stephenson | Head of Years 7 & 8 We are thrilled to introduce our latest …


From the Middle School

Middle School Grandparents Program: Fostering Connections and Compassion

Mrs Melissa Stephenson | Head of Years 7 & 8

We are thrilled to introduce our latest initiative, the Middle School Grandparents Program, an initiative that resonates with our core values and strengthens our community through intergenerational connections. Partnering with Churches of Christ Aged Care, this collaboration connects our Year 8 students with residents of the aged care facility.

Yesterday, some of our Year 8 students embarked on their first visit to the aged care facility, and the experience was nothing short of heart-warming. They had the privilege of meeting several residents, engaging in conversations, and sharing stories and experiences. The interactions were a beautiful blend of youthful enthusiasm and the wisdom that comes with age.

Our Middle School Grandparents Program is designed to ensure sustained interactions. Every Monday during lunchtimes and Wellbeing sessions, Year 8 students who have volunteered to be part of the program will visit the aged care facility. This consistent engagement allows relationships to develop and flourish, as genuine connections are forged.

The program’s primary focus is built upon our Pastoral Care Philosophy and aims to foster connections between our students and the residents. Students learn the importance of caring for our elders, while the residents find joy in nurturing the growth of the younger generation. It is a journey of growth for all involved. The exchange of wisdom from the elderly provides our students with valuable insights, guiding their personal development whilst the genuine exchange of stories, kindness and compassion underscores the value of authenticity within our community.

This program encapsulates our commitment to positive relationships and care. By knowing and understanding one another, we become part of something bigger, cultivating a community of good character that positively influences our greater community.

We look forward to sharing more stories from the Middle School Grandparents Program as it evolves throughout the year.


From the Junior School featured image

From the Junior School

Book Week in the Junior School Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School Last Friday 25 August we celebrated the world of children’s literature …


From the Junior School

Book Week in the Junior School

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

Last Friday 25 August we celebrated the world of children’s literature through the Junior School Book Week parade with beloved stories, brought to life by our imaginative students and teachers.

The Junior School Book Week parade isn’t just about fun and fancy costumes; it’s a celebration of the power of stories to ignite imagination and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. It’s a day where characters step out of the pages and into our lives, fostering a sense of community and shared joy among students, teachers, and families alike.

Adding to the excitement, the Year 12 cohort shared a spectacular performance channelling their creative energy through their rendition of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, a timeless tale of transformation and growth. Their dedication to preserving the spirit of childhood stories captivated our younger students.

One of the highlights of this year’s parade was the eagerly anticipated teacher costumes. Our dedicated educators stepped into the shoes of iconic literary characters, showcasing their enthusiasm for the magical realm of books.

And of course, the highlight of the event remains the parade featuring all our students. Dressed as characters from their favourite children’s books, the parade was a vibrant tapestry of colour, creativity, and camaraderie. From classic fairy tale characters to modern heroes, every participant brought a unique touch to the celebration, reminding us of the endless wonders literature can offer.

A visit to the sheep paddock

Our Prep Class recently paid a visit to the sheep paddock, where the SCOTS PGC ewes were (and still are!) actively taking care of their new baby lambs.  One of the joys of being part of SCOTS PGC is being able to get up close and personal with our farm animals, where our students can begin to understand the miracle of life, how animals take care of their babies and how they are very different to people.

We are very fortunate to be able to explore a range of different concepts and we don’t have to walk too far from the classroom to do it!

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities Cattle Show Team at EKKA Rainy skies did not dampen the spirits of our Cattle Show Team …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Cattle Show Team at EKKA

Rainy skies did not dampen the spirits of our Cattle Show Team at the commencement of this year’s EKKA, which of course always starts with the Interschool Cattle Parading and Judging competition.
Our Show Team busily got to work preparing cattle for parading and judging events for their week ahead and really enjoyed mixing it with the best from schools around the state who also have a keen eye for cattle and a strong interest in the beef and agricultural industry.
Our Cattle Show Team experienced some excellent success over the week.  Here’s a rundown of the results –
  • We WON the team judging event – this was a fantastic result for Dan Hughes, Ben Carey and Georgia Mulcahy which also earned them a special write-up in the Queensland Country Life.
  • Georgia Mulcahy placed 4th in the parading and also delivered a speech in the State finals representing the Darling Downs for Prime Judging
  • Natalie Mulcahy received a 2nd place in the Stud School Junior Judging
  • In a field of 80+ competitors, Mackenzie Taylor and Georgina Buchan both had the opportunity to speak about their selections, with Georgina placing second in her class and Mackenzie receiving commendation for her speech.
  • Some more ‘Highly Commended’ young judges were Natalie Mulcahy, Mackenzie Taylor, Charlee Pennell, Mia Bischoff and Maddie Taylor in their respective age groups.

Sheep Show Team at EKKA

The Sheep Club took a team of 12 students to the EKKA with a number of highlights as collated by Mrs Kuhn below. We congratulate the students on a fantastic week of learning and competition.

Fleece judging 6 SCOTS PGC students were selected to speak in the judging finals with the best results in Junior and Senior categories proving very successful. Congratulations to our students on the following achievements:

  • Benn Hunter | 1st in the Junior section
  • Tilly Judd | 3rd in the Junior Section
  • Connor Ryan | Highly Commended in Junior section
  • Amelia Kuhn | Highly Commended in Junior section
  • Maggie Myer | 2nd in the Senior section
  • Abby Brown | 3rd in the Senior section

Connor Ryan, Abby Brown, Tilly Judd, Benn Hunter, Amelia Kuhn and Maggie Myer

Dairy judging Tilly Judd, Highly Commended

Tilly Judd – Dairy Judging

Junior Judging Austin Judd, the only SCOTS PGC student selected to speak, was awarded a highly commended.

Austin Judd – Highly Commended

Junior Handlers Angus Hamilton, 2nd, Genevieve Hunter, 4th, and Grace Ryan highly commended in a strong field of competitors.

Angus Hamilton, Genevieve Hunter and Grace Ryan

Overall Handlers – selected from a combined group of the junior + senior handler winners saw Angus Hamilton take out 3rd place which was an excellent effort across all sections.

Angus Hamilton – 3rd place in Overall Handlers

Texel Sheep – Our Texel sheep were awarded class ribbons but did not receive Champion ribbons.

Corriedale SheepThe Corriedale sheep were also awarded class ribbons but did not receive Champion ribbons.

Merino Challenge – (First year it has been run) – SCOTS  PGC entered late in the Merino challenge, with only limited time to prepare both animal and fleece. Our Merinos placed 5th & 6th against a strong field of competitors. It was decided to bring one Merino back with us so we can practise preparing a fine fleece for the show in preparation for next year’s challenge.

Finally, Mrs Kuhn came 2nd in the teachers handling competition out of a field of about 25 Staff from 8 schools, proving she knows her stuff.

Congratulations to all students and staff on a great week of competition and learning.

College Choir: A Round of Applause!

Miss Peyton Crofton – Music Teacher

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news from our College choir! Their recent performances for 105 Years of PGC and Book Week have truly been remarkable and deserve a hearty round of applause.

The choir members have showcased their dedication and hard work, leaving the audience impressed with their harmonious voices and captivating renditions. These performances not only entertained, but also demonstrated the choir’s commitment to their art.

But the journey doesn’t end here! Our choir still has another two upcoming performances, and for these we want to wish them the best of luck. With their commitment and talent, we are sure they will continue to spread joy and harmony wherever they go.

Let’s show our support by cheering them on in their rehearsals and upcoming events. Your applause and encouragement mean the world to these young performers.

Darling Downs Downs 10-12 years Athletics Success

On Tuesday 15 August, our Southern Downs Athletics Team participants headed to Toowoomba for the Darling Downs Championships and an opportunity to go to the big dance in Brisbane for the Queensland 10-12 Years Track and Field Championships in October. All our students listed below performed well and achieved in most cases a season’s best if not a personal best.

Sophie Benz, Ebbathea Bowie, Sienna Farrell, Thomas Grayson, William Grayson, Cooper Keogh, Victoria McHardy, Pania Petera, Isabelle Pettiford and Tori Winters

Some of course performed better than others and the following students excelled to the point where they have been selected in the Darling Downs Team and will get their chance in Brisbane at the State Championships in late October.

We congratulate Sophie Benz – 100m, William Grayson – Discus and Tori Winters – 100m, 200m, Long Jump on their performances and selection in their favoured events and we wish them well for their State Championships campaign. Training will continue on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for these athletes in preparation for the championships.


Darling Downs 13-19 Years Track and Field Championships Results

This was held over two days on Thursday and Friday 17-18 August in Toowoomba. Day 1 of this event saw the track events held at The Glennie School whilst Day 2 was held at O’Quinn St Athletics facility. Twenty-two of our qualifiers committed themselves to attending this event and for some, it was a new experience whilst for others it was just another day at the track.

The athletes below all participated well in their events despite the poor conditions on Day 2 and several students walked away with medals and selection paperwork.

Ben Carey, Philippa Cassels, Amira Duffy, Seth Esson, Lachlan Groves, Bailey Harm, Tanner Henley, Ellyse Kruger, Hannah Lawlor, Lily Malone, Mackenzie Mayall, Adam McDonald, Henry McMillan, Mia McMurtrie, Oliver Miller, Charlie Montgomery, Bethany Moore-Kirkland, Elliza Moore-Kirkland, Sarah Morris, Darcy Noller, Phoebe Sellick and Sienna Sparksman, all represented the College with pride and determination across the two days of competition.

Over the two days, we garnered 12 Gold, 7 Silver and 8 Bronze medals along with several top 10 placings against the best athletes across the region.

Our most successful athletes were:

  • Ben Carey – 17 years | 1st 800m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Lachlan Groves – 14 years | 3rd 800m | outside qualifying standard
  • Bailey Harm – 15 years | 2nd Triple Jump, 2nd Javelin, 2nd High Jump, 2nd Discus, 3rd Long Jump | Selection to the DD Team
  • Tanner Henley – 15 years | 3rd Javelin, 3rd Shot Put, 1st Discus | Selection to the DD Team
  • Ellyse Kruger – 15 years | 5th Javelin, 11th Shot Put, 1st Discus | Selection to the DD Team
  • Mackenzie Mayall – 18-19 years | 1st 400m, 1st 200m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Adam McDonald – 16 years | 100m 2nd, 200m 3rd | Selection to the DD Team
  • Henry McMillan – 14 years | 2nd Discus, 2nd Shot Put | Selection to the DD Team
  • Oliver Miller – 13 years | 1st Hurdles, 4th 100m, 1st Long Jump, 1st Javelin, 1st Triple Jump, 4th Discus | Selection to the DD Team
  • Bethany Moore-Kirkland – 13 years | 1st 3000m Walk (rec), 2nd 800m, 6th 400m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Elliza Moore-Kirkland – 15 years | 1st 400m, 2nd 800m, 1st 200m Hurdles, 3rd Long Jump, 7th Shot Put | Selection to the DD Team
  • Darcy Noller – 17 years | 5th 100m, 3rd 200m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Phoebe Sellick – 16 years – 1st 100m Hurdles | Selection to the DD Team
  • Sienna Sparksman – 14 years – 3rd Shot Put | Selection to the DD Team

Particular mention goes to Bethany Moore-Kirkland on her record in the 3000m Walk setting a new mark of 19.30.17min in the process and breaking the old mark by some three and a half minutes.

Congratulations to all on your success and we wish all our selected athletes the very best for their State Championships preparations. Training will continue on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for these athletes in preparation for the championships.

School Sport Australia Swimming Championships

At the recent School Sport Australia Swimming Championships, our very own Bailey Harm contested 7 events in the 15 years boys’ age group.

Bailey had an excellent meet, walking away with a number of medals and the crown of being named ‘Australia’s best’ in a couple of key events.  Here’s a complete wrap-up of his personal and team results.  We could not be prouder of Bailey’s success and congratulate him on the commitment and effort he’s dedicated to swimming.

🥇Gold/National Champion 15 years 50 free

🥈Silver 15 years 50 Breast, 0.02 from the gold!

⭐️5th 15 years 50 Back

🥇Gold/Australian Record 15/16 years Medley

🥇Gold 15 years 4 x 50 Free bringing it home in 23 sec to snatch the gold from NSW.

🥈Silver – 10 x 50 State vs State Mixed Free

🥉Bronze – 13-19 years 4 x 100 Free (swimming a 52 split, the fastest of the QLD boys)

Girls Rugby 7s – Darling Downs Schoolgirls Fixtures Match Reports

Our Rugby 7s teams have competed in the Darling Downs Independent Schoolgirls Rugby 7s Series throughout the term. Each Friday the girls played schools such as Toowoomba Anglican School, Downlands College, Fairholme College and Our Lady of the Southern Cross College. Each week the teams have thoroughly enjoyed the competition and have continued to develop skills and strategies on the rugby field.

As Rugby 7s consists of two 7-minute halves, it is a very fast-paced game and requires quick decisions and reading the opponent’s weaknesses. Our aim while competing in this competition was to continue to develop our players and promote fair play, inclusivity and of course, good sportswoman skills. Our students love learning Rugby 7s and it has been fantastic to see the sport gaining popularity with our SCOTS PGC girls.

We are now looking forward to playing in the SCOTS 7s Carnival where hundreds of players, coaches and officials will flock to Briggs and Dunning Ovals on Friday, 1 September for a huge day of 7s fun. If you are around, we highly recommend making the trip to watch our girls and boys in action.

Boys Rugby – Super Schools Match Reports

As the sun sets on another thrilling rugby season, it’s a chance to reflect on the triumphs and challenges our college teams faced. Last Wednesday 23 August, marked the conclusion of the rugby union season, but we do have more rugby on the on the horizon to look forward to.

The Under 15s and First XV teams have been the stars of the show this season, both making it to the semi-finals of the Darling Downs Super Schools Cups. The dedication, teamwork, and skill displayed by these teams throughout the season have been nothing short of inspiring. While their journey in the competition may have ended just shy of the grand final, their remarkable performances are deserving of our utmost commendation. Throughout the season, performances from Angus Bauer stood out as he was a commanding force in the forward line-up, while Charlie Bergemann, a defensive stalwart, anchored the centres for the Under 15s. The First XV saw the formidable ‘bomber brothers’ Jesse and Ryan Bohm consistently delivering power-packed performances, complemented by Adrian Titus wreaking havoc at the breakdown.

A special mention goes to our Under 13s, who have demonstrated remarkable improvement throughout the season. Despite it being many players’ first season in rugby, their hard work and determination are a testament to the potential that lies within them. We’re excited to see how they continue to develop in the seasons to come.

All teams have showcased spirit and tenacity in representing the College, typifying the true nature of Rugby Union.

But rest assured, the curtain hasn’t fallen on the SCOTS rugby journey for this year… Mark your calendars for Friday 1 September as we host the Queensland Rugby Union – Scots 7s Tournament. We will also travel away to Downlands College on Friday 8 September for the QCIS Rugby 7s. These events promise to be a thrilling display of speed, skill, and strategy as teams from near and far compete in the electrifying world of 7s rugby.


A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who played a role in making this rugby season a memorable one. Our coaches, whose guidance and mentorship have helped shape our athletes not only as players but as individuals, deserve our sincerest appreciation. The dedication of our staff, the unwavering support of parents, the enthusiasm of the students, and the commitment of all other key stakeholders have truly contributed to the success of our rugby community at SCOTS.

Let’s continue to support our teams with pride!


The annual SCOTS 7s returns this week after last year’s flood-affected cancellation and will see schools come from near and far to join us for the day. Our U13, U15 and Open teams in both the boys and girls will step out and put their best foot forward against some handy opponents on home soil.

All the action will unfold this Friday 1 September on Briggs and Dunning Ovals. Below are the draft pools for the day for those interested in coming down to see our students in action.


Early Years Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 7 September,  Prep to Year 3 will assemble on Buss Oval for their annual Athletics Carnival. Please see below the timetable of events for each class. Parents are welcome to come along and support their child/ren and engage in the festivities.

Upcoming Events


  • Warwick Interschool Netball Gala Days – Draw pending – Thursday’s 24, 31 August & 7 September
  • SCOTS 7’s Carnival – U13, U15, Open Teams (Boys and Girls) – Friday 1 September – Briggs Oval
  • Early Years Athletics Carnival – Prep-Yr3 – Thursday 7 September – Buss Oval


  • SCOTS Junior Touch Competition – U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 commencing Friday Week 1
  • Interschool Cricket Trials – TBA
  • SCOTS PGC Tennis Championships Week 1 and 2 as required – Nominations being called for
  • Darling Downs Triathlon – Sunday 22 October (out of region trial)


From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

Celebration of 105 years of PGC Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School  Last Saturday saw a real highlight …


From the Boarding Houses

Celebration of 105 years of PGC

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School 

Last Saturday saw a real highlight of the 2023 year at SCOTS PGC. Past PGC students joined with present boarders, families, friends and staff to celebrate the wonderful history of PGC and the beautiful Locke St campus with a very special morning tea. Many great stories were shared and relived as the women who once resided in the same buildings were able to rekindle memories and events of days gone by. Importantly, the current SCOTS PGC girl boarders, dressed re-splendidly in uniform, conducted tours of the house and shared conversations, all the while showing tremendous pride in their school and its history and those who came before them.

May I say what a wonderful day it was. My mum and I attended and I must say how well the day was run and we were so well looked after by the present students. We received a lovely thermal cup with our name on as well which was a very nice touch. Well done everyone involved.
~ Annette Green 

An enjoyable day with lots of memories of PGC for my sister and I. Congratulations to Scots PGC for organising the 105 Year celebration. A big thank you to all present day students for the care and attention showing us through the buildings. The two young ladies who took us on the tour were very interested in our days at PGC.

~ Glenda Grayson (Wilkie) 1954 – 1955 and Dawn Counsell (Wilkie) 1952 – 1953

It was a wonderful day.  I’ve driven past on the way to Stanthorpe visiting relatives over the years and always said I would love to go through those gates again for a visit so what a great opportunity this anniversary was.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and in particular, wanted to thank my beautiful ‘guide’, Maddie.  We did a thorough tour, she was very attentive all morning making sure I saw everything. I was very impressed by her – our future is in good hands with the PGC girls and the whole Scots PGC family.  Thank you all for organising this event and I hope to visit again sometime in the future.
~ Anne Cobcroft 

Thanks so very much for the most enjoyable time I had on Saturday. It was great to visit PGC again & remember the ten years spent there & the huge changes that have occurred all for the better.  The rooms are so spacious & homely & Annabelle did a really great job caring for me all morning. 

A huge thank you to all who organised the celebration.
~ Aileen Norman

Overall, it was a great morning and all involved must be congratulated!

From our Student Leaders featured image

From our Student Leaders

Around the Grounds Emma Bradbury | Publications Prefect The end of Term 3 is fast approaching, however, that has not stopped the students around the …


From our Student Leaders

Around the Grounds

Emma Bradbury | Publications Prefect

The end of Term 3 is fast approaching, however, that has not stopped the students around the College from being busy and at full speed.

The College sporting arena has seen many achievements in the last couple of weeks, such as our senior netball and 1st XV Rugby teams advancing into the semi-finals of the respective competitions. However, both experienced losses resulting in their seasons coming to an end. Our Athletics team for 2023 have had a stellar season gaining many first and second places across all age groups plus 13 athletes gaining selection into the Darling Downs Team for 2023. We also saw our Sheep and Cattle teams represent the College at EKKA, demonstrating the College values of tenacity and respect through their skills and interaction with the animals and fellow schools and teachers present.

Book Week is an annual celebration that brings together the joy of reading, the power of literature, and the excitement of imagination. Whether you’re a dedicated bookworm or just starting your reading journey, Book Week offers a chance to appreciate the magic of words and the stories they hold. This year’s theme of Read, Inspire and Grow was shown beyond compare in our annual Book Week dress-up last Friday where we witnessed a Junior School parade of wonderful colours and enormous effort levels demonstrated by both the students in the costumes as well as the hours behind the scenes put in by parents to create a wonderful day for their child. The dedication from our Year 12 students was wonderful to see in their final weeks here at the college. The school was filled with characters from Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh to the wide variety of Barbie dolls roaming the halls of the College – all unique and demonstrating the wonderful characters of the students themselves.

We’re all looking forward to the last remaining weeks of term which includes the QRU Rugby 7s Carnival on Friday, our first Founders Day Assembly next week and of course, lots of study for our upcoming exams in Term 4.

Community and Service

From the Libraries Mrs Christine Peterson | Head of Library Services “The power to change ourselves begins when we read about others.” Another Book Week …


Community and Service

From the Libraries

Mrs Christine Peterson | Head of Library Services

“The power to change ourselves begins when we read about others.”

Another Book Week has come and gone – congratulations to everyone who took part in the event in some way.  This year’s theme of “Read, Grow, Inspire,” is a definite guide for our lives. It is through reading that we can gain information and inspiration, after all, “The power to change ourselves begins when we read about others.” These words carry immense truth and depth, encapsulating the magic that books weave into our lives.

Every time we open a book, we embark on a journey that takes us to places we’ve never been, introduces us to characters we’ve never met, and allows us to experience emotions we’ve never felt. These stories, whether real or fictional, help us to grow in ways we might never have imagined. They broaden our horizons, deepen our empathy, and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

When we read about others, we not only gain insights into different cultures, perspectives, and life experiences, but we also develop a greater understanding of what it means to be human. Through the pages of a book, we can stand in the shoes of someone else, seeing the world through their eyes and feeling their joys, struggles, and triumphs. This ability to empathise and connect with diverse narratives is what fuels personal growth and inspires positive change within us.

The journey of reading is much like planting a seed. As we immerse ourselves in the stories of others, we water the seeds of imagination, curiosity, and understanding. Gradually, these seeds sprout and grow, enriching our minds and souls. We find ourselves asking questions, seeking knowledge beyond our comfort zones, and developing a thirst for learning that knows no bounds. Reading transforms us into lifelong learners, constantly seeking new avenues for growth and self-improvement.

The stories we encounter serve as inspiration for how we might see our lives play out. They remind us that even in the face of adversity, there is strength to be found, hope to be kindled, and dreams to be pursued. The tales of remarkable individuals who have overcome challenges achieved greatness and left their mark on the world guide us forward. These stories empower us to embrace our own unique paths, to dream big, and to strive for excellence in all that we do.

The power of stories extends beyond our personal growth, As we read, we gain the tools to inspire others as well. When we share the stories that have touched us deeply, we ignite sparks of inspiration in those around us. We become storytellers, passing on the wisdom, courage, and compassion we’ve gained from the pages of our favourite books. In this way, we contribute to a cycle of inspiration that ripples through our communities and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend in some way – be that at the Book Fair, or the Parent afternoon tea which was a lovely chance to get together with other parents and children and engage in the library.  Most of all, thank you to everyone who made the effort to dress up in costume for Friday’s Book Week Dress-up Day. While the idea of a book character is stretched a bit, it is the act of partaking in the event that raises the profile of books in all their forms.

Thank you… Again!

Our new Briggs Oval Fence is almost complete and looking fabulous!

Thank you again to our greater community who supported this campaign! A project budgeted at $250k is a huge undertaking that we are incredibly proud to say we have accomplished. The fence panels are designed to adjust to the water flow so we are better equipped to handle future floods.  We can’t wait to use the oval again at this week’s rugby event.

Founders Day | Monday 4 September

On Monday 4 September the College will come together to honour the history of the College and our Founders. A special assembly will take place outside School House at 1:40pm.  This is an open invitation to our community to attend.