Embracing Change: Farewell to Another Remarkable Term and Welcoming the Changing Seasons

Mr Kyle Thompson | Principal

As we bid adieu to another memorable term, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of a beautiful transformation. The end of the term is not just a marker of time passing but also a testament to the growth, learning, and resilience that each student and staff member has demonstrated over the past months. Whether we like it or not, the young people in our lives transition and grow constantly. The move from the innocent and very cute preppies into young and vibrant Junior School students with a ‘shininess’ to their personalities, through to the challenges and changes of adolescence – pushing boundaries, changing peer groups, unique and stronger personalities and their own particular view of the world. Ultimately, in a school context, we then have our seniors who have transformed into young adults. Mostly communicating differently as they have negotiated the trials and tribulations of middle years and looking beyond school at the changes that again, will inevitably come. Our Year 12s are currently in the midst of this next transformation, and as with all transformations, there is beauty, excitement, opportunities, and trepidation.

Reflecting on a Remarkable Term

This term has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite the challenges that have come our way, our students have shown incredible adaptability, determination, and perseverance. They have not only excelled academically but have also demonstrated immense character and empathy. From our youngest learners to our soon-to-be graduates, each one of them has contributed to the vibrancy of our school community. There has been a myriad of sporting activities, championship events, cultural pursuits, service activities in the community. SCOTS PGC is a busy place and Term 3 seems to be busier than others. And, as the term ends, there is always a little sigh of relief as we can take a couple of weeks to breathe before commencing again. Some highlights of this term have included Founder’s Day Assembly – the first time in 105 years and an amazing event celebrating those who established our Colleges and the timeline of events throughout our history. Grandparents Day, always a special morning with very special people. The College Art Show, Father’s Day breakfast, our ‘Night of Light Jazz,’ and the inaugural National Juvenile Pipes and Drums championships to be hosted during the holiday period. I thank all the staff, families, and students for their continued involvement in our whole of school life

Embracing the Changing Seasons

As we step into a new season, we are reminded of the beauty and wonder of nature’s cycles. Just as the leaves begin to colour again and new foliage begins to shoot, we too experience changes and growth in our lives. The changing seasons bring with them an opportunity for reflection, renewal, and transformation. The end of a term is a good point to reflect on how we have changed and developed over the previous 10 weeks

Welcoming Spring

Spring, with its crisp air and returning vibrant foliage, is a season of transition and growth. It invites us to let go of the past and prepare for new beginnings. Just as the trees display fresh growth in the spring, we can use this time to shed old habits and embrace new challenges. It is a season of gratitude, as we reflect on our accomplishments and the people who have supported us along the way.

Looking Ahead

As we prepare for the upcoming term, let us remember that change and challenge is a natural part of life. Embracing change allows us to grow, learn, and evolve. Our school community will continue to thrive and adapt, just as it always has. Together, we can face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with enthusiasm and resilience.

In closing, as we say goodbye to another term and welcome the changing seasons, let us remember the valuable lessons we have learned, the friendships we have forged, and the achievements we have celebrated. Let us embrace change with open hearts and open minds, knowing that it is through change that we continue to grow and flourish.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our school community. We look forward to the adventures that await us in the upcoming term and the beauty that the changing seasons will bring to our lives.

Wishing you all a joyful and restful break.

From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School Introducing our 2024 Prefects Elect Some exciting news for the whole College that you …


From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

Introducing our 2024 Prefects Elect

Some exciting news for the whole College that you may have seen on our socials, but we’re happy to shout this news from the rooftops!  Please be introduced to our 2024 Prefects Elect.  This group of fine students have been offered the important role of leading our College throughout 2024.
We’ve already hosted our first Prefect meeting to prepare our young leaders for the important work they’ll be doing, which starts as early as next term when our 2023 leaders will be completing their posts.  We couldn’t be prouder of this group of young people and can’t wait to officially appoint them in early 2024 at our annual Leadership Induction Ceremony.
Congratulations to Samuel Bourke, Will Bryant, Georgina Buchan, Ben Carey, George Handley, Charlie-Rose Matai, Sarah Mauch, Maggie Myer, Darcy Noller, Jorgi Owers, Faith Quach, Adam Stephenson, Lachlan Tweddell, Isabelle Twidale and Sophie Weier.

Hospitality Camel Farm Experience

Mrs Melissa Bellingham | VET Coordinator

Last week the Year 10 Hospitality class headed off over the “Gap” to Summer Land Camel Farm for an experience like no other.

Once we arrived at the Camel Farm, we embarked on a tour through Australia’s largest camel farm and were given an inside look at its daily operation, which included the camel milk, dairy, processing, and production facilities.  We were also lucky enough to see quite a number of new baby camels in the nursery area of the farm.

During the 90-minute tour, our students learned about camels and Australia’s camel history, had an in-depth tour of the dairy, breeding and camel milk production areas and learned about the Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing side of the operations.  They were also treated to a tasting of their award-winning Camel Milk, Persian Feta and Camel Meat Salami at the Homestead Café.

After lunch and a spot of camel farm souvenir shopping, we finished off the day with some camel feeding – I’m not sure who enjoyed this more the camels or the students.

It was a wonderful experience and day out in the picturesque Scenic Rim, and going by the positive feedback from the students on the bus on the way back to school; one I am sure we will do again.

From the Middle School featured image

From the Middle School

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School Year 6 Brisbane Tour Last week, 29 of our Year 6 students …


From the Middle School

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

Year 6 Brisbane Tour

Last week, 29 of our Year 6 students travelled to Brisbane for a three day city adventure.  They explored Southbank Parklands, GOMA, the Science Centre, Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, the Planetarium and Suncorp Stadium.  It was a fantastic time away.  Below are some reflections the students have shared upon their return.

The best part was the Planetarium learning about the indigenous constellations and the Ferris Wheel looking out at the Brisbane skyline at night.
~ Rene

The Planetarium Dome Show was cool because the presenter showcased all of the constellations and when he showed a time warp through Venus,  it looked fabulous!

At the Koala Sanctuary, I fed the ducks our kangaroo food and I loved how they started hopping around. I conquered my fears and conquered the Ferris Wheel! I want to go on it again!
~ Erin

My favourite part was Suncorp Stadium because I got to go into the Broncos Locker Room and see J.T.’s jersey.  The best part was running out of the Player Tunnel onto the field.  The Ferris Wheel was excellent with my mates. Qlder! Qlder! Qlder!
~ William

I stayed with my best friends at the YHA and I felt very grown up staying in my own room. The Qld museum, ‘Spark Lab’ educational activity with the zapping experiment was so much fun!
~ Tori

My favourite part was Suncorp Stadium because we went into the locker rooms, corporate boxes and the commentator room.  I was sin-binned! Spotto around the Brisbane C.B.D. was awesome.
~ Cooper

My favourite activities: were bowling, Wheel of Brisbane and going to Suncorp Stadium because I got to be with my friends, have lots of fun and learn about Suncorp Stadium.
~ Maggie

My favourite thing was being able to be in a room with all my friends, another thing was the science museum that was really fun to learn about stuff and experiment in Sparklab. Also, I liked being able to walk everywhere. I feel like it’s good to walk around places instead of taking a vehicle.

My Favourite place that we went on camp was probably the botanical gardens and the planetarium. These were my favourite places because there were so many beautiful things to see and you get to be outdoors doing things – it was a great experience in the planetarium and it was so amazing to see and learn so much.
~ Naomi

My favourite activity was going to the town hall and learning about all the different thing they did to make it and the stuff that was in there it was very interesting.My best memory will be when in the Wheel of Brisbane we pranked called Ms. Cole and said our gondola was saying ‘evacuate now!’
~ Kelvin

My favourite activity was bowling for sure because I usually lose in bowling, but I actually got much better and had way more fun than I usually would. The best memory was for sure the Wheel of Brisbane because me and the people in there just had a lot of fun.
~ Charlie

My favourite activities were the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Suncorp Stadium. I enjoyed Lone Pine because I love being around animals and I thought the bird show was cool. The Koala that we got to pet was so fluffy and the wombats were adorable! I loved feeding and petting the kangaroos too. Suncorp Stadium was super exciting especially when we got to see where Sam Kerr and the Matildas warm up and get changed. It was really fun running out onto the field and cheering.
~ Lallie



Side Show Alley in Year 7 STEM

Mrs Eureka Coetzee | STEM Teacher

In the Year 7 STEM classes, students embarked on an exciting journey to craft their very own Side Show Games. Armed with recyclable materials and an abundance of glue sticks, they harnessed their ideas, followed instructions diligently, unleashed their innovative spirits, and orchestrated intriguing interactions.

While most students chose to collaborate in pairs, a select few opted for the challenge of individual efforts. This endeavour became a testing ground for a myriad of problem-solving techniques, pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Midway through the term, a moment of reflection beckoned the students back to the drawing board. They scrutinised their designs, aiming for practicality, sturdiness, engineering marvels, and above all, the ability to captivate a crowd.

With anticipation building, the primary students were invited to partake in the games. Teachers eagerly joined in the festivities, further enhancing the overall experience. As the games unfolded, the entire Year Seven cohort enthusiastically explored and enjoyed each other’s innovations. This engaging and fun-filled assessment culminated in a delightful crescendo of excitement and achievement.

From the Junior School featured image

From the Junior School

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School SCOTS PGC Junior School Grandparents and Friends Day: A Heartwarming Celebration On Friday, 8 September, the SCOTS …


From the Junior School

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

SCOTS PGC Junior School Grandparents and Friends Day: A Heartwarming Celebration

On Friday, 8 September, the SCOTS PGC Junior School was abuzz with excitement and warmth as we welcomed over 150 special visitors to our classrooms for Grandparents and Friends Day. It was a day filled with love, learning, and cherished memories.

Our students couldn’t wait to showcase their hard work to their beloved grandparents and special friends. From colourful artwork adorning the walls to math projects displayed with pride, the classrooms were transformed into vibrant showcases of young talent and creativity.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the interactions between the students and their guests. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close family friends marvelled at the progress their young, loved ones had made. The joy on the children’s faces as they proudly explained their projects and shared their favourite lessons was a sight to behold.

To make the day even more special, we served a delightful morning tea and coffee, giving our guests a chance to connect with other members of the SCOTS PGC community. Laughter and conversations flowed freely as friendships were forged and old stories shared.

As the day came to a close, there was a sense of fulfilment and contentment in the air. Grandparents and Friends Day was a reminder of the invaluable role our elders play in our lives and the importance of fostering strong connections within our school community.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the grandparents and friends who graced us with their presence, as well as our dedicated staff and students who made this day possible. It was truly a day to remember, and we look forward to continuing this cherished tradition in the years to come.

Early Years Athletics | Thursday 7 September

The hot and steamy conditions couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our Prep to Year 2 students as they came together for our Early Years Athletics carnival.

With a focus on participation and fun, the day was filled with laughter and excitement. It was heartwarming to witness our young athletes giving their all, whether it was sprinting down the track, jumping with gusto, or cheering on their friends. Clad in their clan colours, students displayed team spirit, supporting one another in every event.

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Activities Come one, come all! We are hosting Australia’s best pipers and drummers right here at SCOTS …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Come one, come all!

We are hosting Australia’s best pipers and drummers right here at SCOTS PGC College as we bring you the Australian Juvenile Pipe Band Championships and the Australian Solo Piping and Drumming Championships, from Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September. This is a monumental event for our College and the wider Warwick community and we’d love you to be part of the festivities…

Interschool Netball Fixtures

During Weeks 7, 8 and 9 our U13, U15 and Open Netball teams were engaged in the Warwick Interschool Netball.

The SCOTS PGC netball girls have displayed remarkable sportsmanship in the Warwick Secondary Netball Competition so far. All grades secured victories, showcasing their dedication and skill and our Open girls demonstrated true grit and determination securing a win over Assumption despite being two players short.

The Years 7 and 8 girls equally showcased impressive abilities in their match against Assumption. Their hard work and dedication is evident, and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements. While the Opens and younger teams have been thriving, the Years 9 and 10 teams have faced some challenges and haven’t secured a win so far against their peers.

I’d also like to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks to Mrs Ratcliffe for standing in as an umpire, the boarding staff, and all the parents for their support on the sideline and for bringing their children to training and games. Your encouragement and dedication make a significant difference in our girls’ netball journey.

SCOTS 7s Competition Wrap

The SCOTS 7s was blessed with a beautiful Spring Day on Friday 1 September and the 28 teams in attendance contested every match with enthusiasm. Teams from Toowoomba to the Tweed graced our fields for the day and the overwhelming feedback has been positive.

Six divisions were contested with mixed results for our SCOTS teams against some pretty stiff opposition.

The U13 Girls saw Toowoomba Anglican School (TAS) and Downlands fight out the final on Dunning Oval where Downlands ran out winners in a torrid contest.  In the U13 Boys, TAS proved too good for all opponents and defeated Lindisfarne in their final.

The U15 Girls and Boys divisions saw Fairholme College defeat Downlands in the girls’ final whilst Highfields SSC defeated Lindisfarne to secure the pennants. Our U15 Boys defeated TAS in the 3rd/4th playoff to take third place whilst our U15 Girls finished with wins against Downlands and TAS but finished 3rd overall.

In the Open Girls, Glennie proved too strong for TAS in the final and walked away as distinct winners of the division. The Open Boys saw Lindisfarne and the SCOTS boys go head-to-head with the southerners coming out on top in the fast and physical encounter.

The day could not proceed without the efforts of many to bring the day together. Thanks goes out to our coaches and managers, catering staff, maintenance staff and our dedicated P&F canteen helpers and coordinators for their contribution to the success of the day.

Girls Rugby 7s | SCOTS 7s

The SCOTS PGC College Rugby 7s Carnival was a great way to finish off the Girls’ Rugby 7s season with some games on our home fields. It is always an honour to play on Briggs and Dunning Ovals cheered on by our teachers, peers and families. It was particularly great for our girls to be cheered on by some of our boarding families who came from interstate and all over Queensland to watch their girls play.

Under 13s

The U13s had a great day out at the SCOTS PGC 7s Carnival. We began with a very convincing win against The Glennie School and the girls played their best football of the season. We made some big tackles, executed some accurate lineouts and even scored some full field tries. Throughout the season the girls took it in turns to captain the team and it was excellent to see their confidence and leadership grow. It has been a very successful season for the U13s and it was excellent to finish it off with a tournament at home with family and friends supporting.

Under 15s

The U15s played some of their best rugby yet at our recent SCOTS PGC College 7s Carnival. Initially, we lost our first two games against Downlands College and TAS, although with the closest score margins they have managed to achieve all year. Later in the day, the girls managed to win against these two teams for the first time ever in their Rugby 7s careers. This was a huge highlight of the day and of our whole season. Phoebe Bryant beautifully executed a kick off the back of a scrum which led to a try down the wing for Hannah Lawlor. This is something the girls have been practicing for weeks during training and they were thrilled to see it work in actual gameplay. Our wingers were on fire with Mylie Caldwell, Mia McMurtrie, Sarah Morris, Hannah Lawlor and Martina Marshall all scoring tries on the day. Phoebe Bryant pulled off a rare try for Rugby 7s, one resulting from a rolling maul down the wing. The U15s have had a great season this year and have made huge improvements as individuals and as a team.


The Opens Girls team had a great day playing some of their best rugby all season. The girls finished the day with a win, a draw and 2 losses to some very competitive opponents. Standout players for the tournament were Kyra Detmers and Lizzie Caton for their impact around the ruck and creating an unstoppable duo trucking the ball up the middle of the field. Out wide, Phoebe Sellick and Makybe Edwards showed some great speed and agility, each scoring some very impressive tries. Our enforcers Jess Angus and Elly Maidment had a big day shutting down opposition attacks through some very physical defensive hits. The girls improved on their rugby skills throughout the year and getting a win at home on Briggs Oval was a great way to finish off the season.

End of season

All of our teams continue to show improvement year on year and the 2023 season was no exception. Our Rugby 7s program this year has had twelve brand new players, so the success of our girls is extra impressive given this. The girls and their coaches have had a very enjoyable season and we will look to build upon this for next year. Thank you to Mrs Jaime George, Mrs Tess Cullen, Mr Dean Cullen and Mr Jonathan Fender for your time and effort in coaching, and to all other staff that make our Rugby 7s program possible.

Boys Rugby 7s – SCOTS 7s

Our SCOTS 7s Carnival was a full day of electrifying Rugby action, with our boys testing their mettle against some tough competition.

In the Under 13s, our team displayed remarkable tenacity, securing a memorable victory against Highfields State Secondary College. Special mentions go to George Hughes and Jai Gray for their outstanding performances, displaying skill and determination beyond their years.

As for the Under 15s, the boys played tenacious footy but struggled to adapt to the smaller sided form of the game in the early part of the day. Losses to Lindisfarne and Highfields SSC put us on the back foot but each game saw improvements aplenty. Baxter Twidale, and Angus Bauer offered cool heads and a guiding hand on the field whilst Doug Lawlor, Cooper Kendall and Ethan McDonald provided punch in attack. Defence was our biggest issue in the early games with the lads caught short out wide until they learnt to spread their defence better. Our final two games saw us play TAS and score 2 wins against the solid TAS outfit.

Our Opens after a long day in the September sun, secured a spot in the grand final. Although they fell short in this fixture against Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, the determination and commitment they showcased were truly commendable. Kudos to Adrian Titus and Jesse Bohm, who led from the middle, supported by the speedy duo of Darcy Noller and Harry Mayall on the edges.

Boys Rugby 7s – QCIS 7s

It was a tough day at the office for the U13s and our Open boys at the QCIS 7s with heavy losses to Downlands and TAS but wins for both against Concordia and close tussles against OLOSCC were encouraging results. The U15 boys were the most successful with 3 wins from their four matches losing only to Downlands during the day.

In the Under 13s, our boys put up a spirited performance, defeating Concordia Lutheran College. Despite challenging fixtures in the other games, they showed tremendous heart and sportsmanship. Special recognition goes to Finn Cashman-Steer, Lachlan Vagg, and Tommy Worboys for their outstanding contributions.

Game 1: SCOTS 0 v Downlands 33
Game 2: SCOTS 31 v CLC 21
Game 3: SCOTS 0 v TAS 40
Game 4: SCOTS 28 v OLSC 33

Our Under 15s were in sublime form, finishing second overall with an impressive three wins and just one loss. This exceptional performance was a testament to their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Well done to Baxter Twidale, Hugh Holden, Oliver Swift, Cody Muller, and William Peters for their stellar displays on the day.

 Game 1: SCOTS 0 Downlands 33
Game 2: SCOTS 15 CLC 5
Game 3: SCOTS 27 TAS 0
Game 4: SCOTS 34 OLSC 12

In the Opens our boys secured two victories and two losses. George Handley was a little General, Adrian Titus was his ever-strong self and the Bohm brothers, Jesse and Ryan as always played their hearts out. Will Bryant and Alex Eising were strong runners of the ball and ever reliable in defence.

Game 1: SCOTS 14 v Downlands 42
Game 2: SCOTS 31 v Concordia 12
Game 3: SCOTS 10 v TAS 31
Game 4: SCOTS 17 v OLSCC 19

Rugby Season Wrap Up

Both of these Rugby 7s carnivals provided our boys with an excellent opportunity to test their abilities and showcase their Rugby skills. We are immensely proud of all our players, coaches, and supporters who contributed to these memorable events.

With these carnivals, we officially conclude the Rugby season at SCOTS PGC College. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved – the players, coaches, parents, supporters and any other stakeholder. Your unwavering commitment to the sport and the College is truly appreciated.

As we look forward to future Rugby endeavours, let us continue to nurture the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and excellence in our young athletes. Thank you for being part of the SCOTS PGC College Rugby family, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for our Rugby stars.

Early Years Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 7 September, students from Prep to Year 3 took to Buss Oval for their annual Athletics Carnival. Students participated in several field events and a sprint event with the day concluding with our Inter-Clan relay.

Our Sprint champions for 2023 were as follows…

5 years Girls – Rose Caridi 1st, Evelyn McBride 2nd

5 years Boys – No competitors

6 years Girls – Evie Grayson 1st, Sophie Barber 2nd

6 years Boys – Dean Campbell 1st, Tyler Hoffman 2nd

7 years Girls – Josephine Mahoney and Vera Woods 1st, Constance Webley and Heidi Lubben 2nd

7 years Boys – James Dare 1st, Levi Kratzer 2nd

8 years Girls – Eva Hawtin 1st, Baylee Cole 2nd

8 years Boys – Vincent Caridi 1st, Lachan Schneider 2nd

All students participated whole-heartedly in the Sack races and egg and spoon races but also had great fun testing themselves at the Javelin, Shot Put, Discus and Standing Long Jump. This Year our Year 3 students also had the added event of the High Jump which was well received by all.

We thank all parents who were able to attend along with our staff, Clan Captains and Athletics Captains for guiding the students throughout the day.

Warwick Primary Schools Super 8 Cricket Gala Day

Wednesday saw three SCOTS PGC Teams take to Queens Park for the return of our Super 8 Gala Cricket day. Mrs Cole said all teams from our Years 5 and 6 classes participated heartily with all teams scoring their fair share of wins across the four rounds.

16 teams took part which was a tremendous effort from our local Warwick schools.

Wade Reid and Genevieve Hunter were big improvers over the day whilst Will Grayson, Treshawne Achari and Charles McCosker led their teams impeccably. Other noteworthy performances came from Ari Hall, Kelvin Daley, and Ruby-Fay Going.

Well done to all participants and thank you to our staff in attendance for their support and guidance of our students.


SCOTS PGC College Tennis Championships

In what has grown significantly from its re-instatement 2 years ago the College Tennis Championships drew a big field and significant spectators for the 2023 event.

On Monday afternoon, 23 students took part in the annual SCOTS PGC College Tennis Championships, which was a really enjoyable event to be part of.

Thank you to all the students for having a go, supporting each other, and playing the matches with such great spirit! Thank you also to the large number of students who came down to cheer on their peers and have a hit on the spare court.

Congratulations to Solis Mahoney who defeated Kelvin Daley 7-2 in the final to become the Under 12 champion.

Congratulations to William Buchan who defeated Daniel Kuhn 7-1 in the final to become the Under 15 champion.

Congratulations to Matt Howard who defeated James Buchan 7-5 in the final to become the Open champion.

We thank Mr Callum Blake for his efforts to reinvigorate the sport here at the College and congratulate all student participants on an exceptional afternoon of entertaining tennis.

Term 4 | What’s on

  • SCOTS  PGC Junior Touch Competition | U15 and U18 commencing Thursday Week 1 | Sign up here https://events.humanitix.com/2023-scots-pgc-college-junior-touch-competition
  • SCOTS PGC Junior Touch Competition | U6, U8, U10, U12 commencing Friday Week 1
  • Interschool Cricket Trial Games – TBA | Weeks 5-7
  • Darling Downs 13-14 years Futsal Trials | Monday 9 October – Toowoomba
  • Darling Downs Triathlon | Sunday 22 October (out of region trial private transport required)
  • Darling Downs Aquathlon | Friday 27 October – Dalby (private transport required)
From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding Our Boys’ Boarding Houses combined for an end of Term BBQ this week to celebrate the arrival …


From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding

Our Boys’ Boarding Houses combined for an end of Term BBQ this week to celebrate the arrival of holidays.  Hosted by the boys in Hawkins House, the BBQ was a great way to finish off a busy but successful term in boarding as boys develop mateships based on respect for each other.

Happy holidays to all of our boarding families – we hope you have a restful and relaxing break and come back energised for Term 4.

Community and Service

Come one, come all! We are hosting Australia’s best pipers and drummers right here at SCOTS PGC College as we bring you the Australian Juvenile …


Community and Service

Come one, come all!

We are hosting Australia’s best pipers and drummers right here at SCOTS PGC College as we bring you the Australian Juvenile Pipe Band Championships and the Australian Solo Piping and Drumming Championships, from Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September. This is a monumental event for our College and the wider Warwick community and we’d love you to be part of the festivities


Considering Cricket?

A flyer shared from the Warwick Junior Cricket Association: