Service and Community

Golfing Success!

Our P & F hosted their first Golf Day last Sunday which provided perfect weather and conditions for a great day of golfing fun for the SCOTS PGC and wider Warwick community.
It was great to see that awesome foursome Sam Bennett, Neil McCosker, Sarah and Tony Brand landed the best net score for a mixed team.  Thank you to all of the families that took part in the day and to those who were so generous to support the day by donating prizes.


End of Year Celebrations!

The SCOTS PGC P & F extend a warm welcome to all families to join them for a celebratory drink on the deck at Birdies Bar and Bistro after the last school pickup for 2023.  A flyer will follow home in school diaries but for now, here are the details:

Who:  All families from Prep to Year 12

Where: Birdies Bar and Bistro | Warwick Golf Club (155 Hawker Rd, Warwick)

When:  Friday 25 November (from 3.30 pm)

We hope to see you there!


Cultivating Courage and Bravery featured image

Cultivating Courage and Bravery

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School Bravery can amaze us with the way it can pull off many different appearances. To be brave …


Cultivating Courage and Bravery

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

Bravery can amaze us with the way it can pull off many different appearances. To be brave is to face your challenges or difficulties through valuing a goal and acting upon it, the key element being facing a fear or adversity with courage.

My own children have shown me this often over the last few years. I distinctly remember a recent trip to Wet n Wild.

My youngest is usually sensible, measured and calculated when faced with risk. My eldest is my water baby who has never shown fear or trepidation around a pool, the ocean or even when jumping off the highest rock at the local waterhole. On this hot, steamy afternoon, my eldest decided he wanted to go on what looked to me to be a terrifying slide, something I knew I would struggle to tackle, but he was insistent that he could do it.

So up the many flights of stairs, he went as we watched from the fence below. When he made it to the top, I saw him falter and pause and then return down the many flights of stairs back to us. I was surprised that my little daredevil had decided the fear was too great and was ready to soothe him with words like, “It’s all good, maybe next time!” but he returned to us with determination. “I WANT TO DO IT! I’m going to do it but I don’t think I can do it alone. Can you come with me, mum?”

Waterslides are not my thing; they scare me and it’s a fear I have held since I was very young. I said, measuredly, “I’m sorry but no. I am not doing that ride! I will do the slow ones with you, but I don’t do rides like that one.” My youngest stepped in front of me and said, “I’ll do it!” And off they went, side by side up those stairs, they both dug deep and looked like they loved every minute of that ride.

Within this experience, I saw a few moments of bravery and courage demonstrated – examples of the strength we hope to develop in all of our students.

Jump Ship – I saw my eldest son realise that he wasn’t ready for that slide and he was not okay. He then took himself out of that situation.

This is the kind of courage we want our students to have so they don’t get swept up when something is too risky or when things feel ‘off’.

Boundaries – As much as I want to model safe risk-taking and overcoming fears to my children, I am also an advocate for doing what is right for me, even though it could have led to disappointment.

We hope our students have the courage to say, “I don’t do {insert risky behaviour here}

Getting (back) in the water – With the support of each other and no pressure needed, they decided that they could actually tackle that slide and up they went.

This is the bravery we want our students to have when they are faced with something unfamiliar, or new and need to push through.

I was again reminded of the differing ways bravery can show up yesterday, during Experience Day, when over 80 prospective and new SCOTS PGC students, both boarding and day, embraced the challenge of something new, as did our existing students. Connections were made and new friendships were formed across the College because so many had the courage to start conversations, share a table in the dining hall or volunteer as a buddy. To those students who felt like pulling the pin but got back out there and displayed courage and bravery, I hope you had a wonderful experience and have many positives to share about your time at SCOTS PGC. We look forward to welcoming many of you in 2023.

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From the Junior and Middle Schools

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School Meet Maxine Woodbridge… You may have spotted Miss Woodbridge around the Middle School campus alongside our Year …


From the Junior and Middle Schools

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

Meet Maxine Woodbridge…

You may have spotted Miss Woodbridge around the Middle School campus alongside our Year 5 students without realising who the new face was.  Well, it’s time to meet Ms Maxine Woodbridge!

Maxine joined the SCOTS PGC community at the beginning of Term 4 this year, as the teacher of Year 5A, replacing Mrs Charmaine Butler, who is currently on maternity leave.  With six years of teaching experience and specialising in the Early Years curriculum, Maxine originally began her teaching career in the UK  before venturing to Australia in 2020. She was based in local Warwick schools before officially joining the SCOTS PGC College Junior School teaching team, where she brings wonderful energy, professionalism and passion.

Maxine is dedicated to her craft and especially relishes working with students in the foundation years of formal schooling. Maxine has experience leading school improvement and working collaboratively with colleagues and speaks of her commitment to creating an environment where students can explore, take risks, and foster a love of learning – she loves nothing more than nurturing children to reach their absolute potential.

Interestingly, Maxine was born in South Africa… She has been diving with great white sharks and has eaten crocodile! Since moving to Warwick, it has been important to Maxine to find opportunities to get involved with the community and you might spot her down cheering on the Warwick Cowboys.

We look forward to 2023 and Maxine becoming a valuable member of our Early Years team as the Prep teacher for 2023.  If you see Maxine in your travels, be sure to say hello!

Readers Cup Challenge

Mrs Christine Peterson | Head of Library Services

Once again, Years 3 and 4 took part in the Brilliant Awesome Readers Cup held at the Warwick State High School on Thursday the 3 November.  This year, 32 teams from across the Warwick region (and as far as Inglewood!) competed in a tightly-fought competition.  We were represented by 14 wonderful students who committed much time to the competition.  As a team, we also want to make note of Patrick Little (Year 10) for his assistance in preparing for the competition and helping on the day.

Students were required to read 3 books and have an in-depth understanding of them. This year the books were ‘Pow Pow Pig an unexpected hero’ by Ahn Do, ‘The giraffe, the pelly and me’ by Roald Dahl and, ‘An amazing Australian road trip’ by Jackie Hosking.  Our readers were then required to answer 10 questions on each book over 3 rounds.  The result at the end was very tight with five teams sitting on 28.5 points.  Four of the teams were from Warwick West State School and the fifth, was from SCOTS PGC.  These five teams were then asked three more questions, one from each book.  The final result saw Grace Ryan, Millie Petersen and Bridgit Evans tying for second place by answering two of the three questions correctly.

We look forward to another chance to take out the trophy next year and perhaps make an assault on the upper primary competition next year.

SCOTS Experience Day

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

On Monday 7 November, we welcomed over 80 enrolled and prospective students and families to the College for SCOTS Experience Day.  It was an opportunity for new students to experience life at the College for the day, getting to know the campus, the subjects available and most importantly, the staff and students who make up our College community.

In the boarding houses, 16 prospective girl boarders and 5 prospective boy boarders spent Sunday night in the houses, with many experiencing their first night away from home and not with family.  Our current boarding students did a wonderful job as buddies, spending time preparing the houses for guests, baking afternoon tea, organising games or writing notes and cards to make the new students welcome.  Our new boarders got to take part in the regular boarding house routines for the night before coming along to school the next day.

SCOTS Experience Day is an important day for our community.  It is a key phase of the transition process for our new and current students as they look forward to the year ahead.  Whether they are boys and girls who have been at the College for a number of years or are new students coming to SCOTS for boarding from places many hours away, the day gives each student a chance to see what the next year might hold, prepare for those routines or locations that may be different and simply get to know one another and their teachers more.

The spirit of SCOTS PGC was on show during Experience Day and I am sure that our 2023 students in attendance will be feeling positive about what’s to come in the new year.

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From our Boarding Houses

From Girls’ Boarding Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School It has been a busy time in Girls’ Boarding …


From our Boarding Houses

From Girls’ Boarding

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

It has been a busy time in Girls’ Boarding recently.  Following the trip to the Warwick Rodeo the previous weekend, last weekend saw the girl and boy boarders visit Kloud9 in Toowoomba for an afternoon of jumping fun.  The girls had a fantastic time and returned to the house on Saturday night full of stories of back flips, front flips and athletic prowess.

Sunday was an exciting day in Girls’ Boarding.  The girls in house spent the day preparing for the arrival of our visitors for Experience Day.  We welcomed 16 new boarders to the house on Sunday night where they had the opportunity to experience boarding at SCOTS PGC for the first time, get to know our routines and begin to build relationships with the people they may be living in boarding with in 2023.

I was incredibly proud of our girls in how they prepared for the night.  They spent time baking afternoon tea for the new boarders and their families, organised games and activities and set up a sleepover area in the WRB common room for our visitors.  We had girls staying the night from all over Queensland and New South Wales, with it being the first time many had spent the night away from family.  The current boarders were wonderful buddies, making sure the new boarders who may have arrived with some trepidation, felt included and welcomed into the house.

Our final few weeks in boarding for the year are fast approaching.  This weekend is our Adopt-A-Boarder weekend which will see many of our boarders out spending the weekend with day student families.  Our final boarder activity for the year will be held next weekend with a visit to the Wake Park at the Gold Coast.  In amongst all of that, there will be time to prepare for upcoming assessments and exams as well as the end of year tasks needed in preparation for packing up to head home.

Attached are some photos of our recent events in boarding.  It has been a lovely few weeks.

From Boys’ Boarding

Mr Stewart Bailey | Assistant Director of Boys’ Boarding

After 18 years here at the College, the terms seem to flow one into the other and boarding life steadily moves along. However, every now and then I take a step back and take account of the moments that make my job unique and never dull.  During the weekend while on duty, my thoughts wandered to contemplate just how quickly this term has gone by.  With that in mind, it had me recalling the many moments that have stopped me in my tracks whilst taking care of these young boys.  The strange, the funny, the surprising,  and outstanding; the moments that have taken me by surprise and made me smile and those moments that make me scratch my head in wonderment.

However, the most important moments are small, quick, simple instants that reaffirm why I love my job. It happened that I had one of those wonderful moments on our boarder activity Saturday afternoon at Kloud9 (indoor trampoline centre) in Toowoomba with our youngest boarder Kelvin.

Naturally, with Kelvin being the youngest, he casts a big and intimidating shadow of about 3 foot 5 and the weight of a wet towel.  While watching the other boarders enjoying themselves, jumping and flipping on the tramps Saturday afternoon, young Kelvin walks up and tries to convince me to join in a game of dodge ball.  “Put the socks on, Sir…. I’ll go easy on you” he said cheekily.

I politely declined.  However, seeing Kelvin’s smile and witnessing his obvious enjoyment alongside hearing the excitement in his voice was infectious and gave me the incentive to nearly join in. Watching from the sideline and throwing the occasional ball at an unsuspecting boarder was more appealing to me – As well as a lot safer! Kelvin couldn’t control his laughter and just walked away saying “You’re crazy Sir!”.

As I said,  it’s the small, quick, simple moments that really make my day and reaffirm why I do enjoy my role within the College. Your sons are with me roughly 39 weeks of the year, seven days a week during their time in boarding.  After 18 years in boarding for me, means that I have had the opportunity to witness a lot of ‘small, quick simple moments’. To all my parents and families, I’d like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” for lending your boys to me and letting me enjoy the ‘simple things in life’.

Finally, this weekend also saw Junior Boys’ Boarding play host and welcome 5 new 2023 boarders for the annual Experience Day sleepover. These young men came from all over Southeast Queensland and as far as Darwin in the Northern Territory. It was such a privilege to watch our current kids, guide and support our visitors.  They truly were a credit to themselves and the College. This experience is so worthwhile not only for the new boarders but more importantly for your sons and the lessons they learn in giving back to the College.

Mr Marriott and I look forward to catching up with you all soon as the end of term quickly approaches us.

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities BREAKING NEWS – Zara Kruger receives Junior Matilda’s call-up! In exciting news just to hand, Zara …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities

BREAKING NEWS – Zara Kruger receives Junior Matilda’s call-up!

In exciting news just to hand, Zara Kruger (Year 11) has been named in the Australian U20 Women’s Football Team to play in the Pacific Four Nations Tournament in Canberra over the coming week.  Chosen as a Midfielder, Zara will run all day and has demonstrated to the selectors, that her silky skills and tenacious defence are worthy of this opportunity.

We wish Zara all the best in this fantastic opportunity to advance her burgeoning football career.

Cricket News

This term has seen the Junior XI and the First XI play Downlands in the past week at Downlands whilst our fields dry out.  The Junior XI bowled quite well but dropped too many catches and subsequently faced a solid total of 150 from the Downlands boys. Matthew Howard chipped away for his 27 and was retired, Rory Farrell, not out on 34, and Nathanael Amos not out on 21 (off 10 balls), were certainly the highlights of our batting innings, but the boys fell 20 runs short in what was a valiant chase.

The First XI were in a great tussle against the Downlands boys. Captain Jack Ragh lost the toss and was put into bat on a sticky wicket. Jack made a very creditable 64 runs in difficult circumstances in the team’s total of 115. Having said that, the Downlands team needed to be patient and selective about their shots. Nelson Madua in his debut match took his first wicket in a game and was rightly excited by the event. Jack Ragh continued to lead by example with 2 wickets and Sam Bourke also chimed in for a wicket. The task unfortunately was too large and the Downlands boys reached the total with 5 overs to spare. A good first-up match for the season but certainly one to build upon.

This coming week, the two teams take on St Mary’s at Captain Cook Oval in Toowoomba.  Then for our final outing of 2022, the Wanderers Cricket Club will be visiting the College on November 23 to conduct a coaching clinic from 9-12 then after lunch, the First XI will play them in a final T20 match for the year. Please contact Mr Callum Blake if you’re interested in the coaching clinic.

Term 1 is shaping as a busy one, with matches against Downlands College, St Mary’s College, Toowoomba Anglican School, Concordia College and Mary Mackillop all in the pipeline as the QCIS competition sets to expand its reach.

Representative Honours – Phoebe Bryant

Whilst on the subject of Cricket, we wish Phoebe Bryant all the best at the Queensland School Sport 15 Years Girls Cricket Championships being held in Brisbane this week. Phoebe will be donning the red, white and blue for Darling Downs and vying for a spot in the Queensland Schoolgirls Team to contest the Nationals later in the year. We look forward to hearing about her experience on her return.

Squad Swimming

Squad Swimming continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.00am – 7.00am at the WIRAC Pool and will run through until Monday of Week 8.  Please notify Miss Carey and Mrs Casey if you are keen to attend as the registration form previously sent has since closed. Swimmers must be able to swim a continuous 200m and have experience in all four strokes.

Arranmore Futsal and Touch

These activities continue on Monday – Touch, and Tuesday – Futsal and are relatively weatherproof activities; however, if storms are around, we will make the call as soon as is practicable in the best interests and safety of the students. These activities are quite full so at this stage we are not taking any further registrations. These will continue through until Week 7 of the term.

Upcoming Events

Darling Downs Triathlon Trials (13-19 years of age in 2023) – Sunday 13 November – entries have closed

SCOTS Youth Draft – Saturday-Sunday 12-13 November – moved to Allora Showgrounds

Speech Day Awards – Thursday and Friday 17-18 November – John Muir Sports Centre


From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School 2023 Prefects Elect We’re extremely proud to introduce the fine group of young men …


From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

2023 Prefects Elect

We’re extremely proud to introduce the fine group of young men and women who have been elected by their peers to lead us into 2023.

Our Prefects elect will be formally introduced to our College community on Speech Day, where we will also announce our College Captains and Vice Captains.  Congratulations to our new leaders.

The 2023 Prefects elect are: Jessica Angus, Will Auger, Emma Bradbury, Abby Brown, Fraser Collins, Bridget Hardy, Daniel Hughes, Charlotte Kielly, Percy Kruger, Lachlan Naughten, Sophie Poole, Hamish Swift, Mitchell Twidale, Alexis Zerner and Bryce Zerner.

Let’s help the Lighthouse Community Centre

This Thursday and Friday, the College will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Lighthouse Community Centre here in Warwick.  The centre operates as an emergency relief organisation that provides help to vulnerable members of the Warwick Community through the distribution of food and emergency hampers. Each year the centre supports around 500 at-risk members of Warwick and its surrounding areas. With Christmas nearing, there is an increased need for goods to ensure all members of our community have access to the basic necessities that we enjoy each day.

To coordinate our efforts and after consulting with the Lighthouse staff, the following items have been allocated to each year group as a way of ensuring a variety of goods.

Year Group Item
Prep Rice/Noodles
Year 1 Instant Coffee, Tea, Milo, Sugar
Year 2 Biscuits/School Snacks/Muesli bars
Year 3 Tinned baked beans, tinned spaghetti
Year 4 Tinned soup
Year 5 Pasta sauces, Pasta
Year 6 Toothbrushes, toothpaste
Year 7 Cereal – Oats, Weetbix, Cornflakes
Year 8 Spreads – jam, vegemite etc
Year 9 Tinned protein (tuna, ham)
Year 10 Personal hygiene items
Year 11 Personal hygiene items


Prefects and School leaders will be vising roll call classes on Thursday November 10 and Friday November 11 to collect donations to then be boxed up and transported to the Lighthouse Community Centre.

Thank you in advance for your support of this College project.

Exploring alternative Ag Industries

Mrs Robyn Kuhn | Agriculture Teacher

A combined Year 9 Agricultural Studies class embarked on a full-day excursion to Stanthorpe to explore some of the Alternative Industries in our region. Students visited The Truffle Discovery Centre and learnt about how truffles are found, harvested and processed into a variety of saleable products. Not everyone enjoyed the smell and flavour of the pungent delicacy!

Our initial plans of visiting the Christmas Tree Farm and Lavender Farm had to change at the last minute as a result of the high rain in the area, so we ventured to Eastern Colour to pick strawberries instead. Students not only saw and sampled the delicious strawberries but learnt about scaling production and the benefits and challenges of growing strawberries hydroponically.

Our last stop was the Rizzato Farm, where students toured the packing sheds and fields of capsicum and blueberries. The recent rain has slowed crop growth and set back other farm processes. Students saw firsthand the impact long rainfall has had on these crops and the subsequent effect on small producers. While this excursion only touched on a few of the many unique industries in the Southern Downs and Granite Belt, students gained an understanding of what each producer experiences in setting up and maintaining a farming venture.