Honour the past. Celebrate the present. Embrace the future.

Ms Amy Woodgate | Head of Middle School & Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding

‘Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence.’

– Pope John Paul II

Over recent weeks, there have been a number of opportunities for us as a community to reflect upon where we have come from and the events that have shaped who we are.  From the wonderful series of events across Past Students’ Weekend through to the ‘Festival of Leaving’ for our Year 12s and most recently, the celebrations that the College was a part of to recognise the Centenary of the Killarney Co-Op, we have been provided with the opportunity to look back fondly on the past as what underpins where we are in the present and what is possible for the future.

Past Students’ Weekend was a special time to honour the history of both SCOTS College and PGC.  Across the events of the weekend, our past students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce about their time at the College and in Boarding, sharing their stories with our current students and taking a genuine interest in where the College is at today and what our current students enjoy about their time at school.  The unveiling of the ‘Kingswood Stone’ was a significant moment in the life of the College, made even more meaningful through the involvement of SCOTS Old Boy, Alec Peden as a student who was evacuated to Kingswood, who unveiled the stone alongside current Year 1 student, Patrick Hamilton, who is a descendant of a student who was evacuated to Kingswood.  Seeing old and young standing together to honour our past as a College was a truly special moment.

‘The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future’

– Theodore Roosevelt

No better example of celebrating the present and embracing the future can be seen than in the series of events that signalled the end of this phase of the educational journey for our Year 12s.  It is most definitely a time of mixed emotions for the students, their families and those in the College community that have supported them over the years.  It is often a time of joy, a time of uncertainty, a time of reflection and a time full of possibilities of what is to come.  We seek to send them out into the world ready to embrace the future and what the world holds in store for them but also with the foundation of community that has been established during their time at SCOTS PGC.

It is important that as a community we are ‘tradition keepers’, the custodians of our culture and the ways we honour who we are and where we have come from.  Whether it be formal events such as the Valedictory service, the passing on of stories by our past students, the sounds of the pipes and drums playing across the College or the symbolic representation of our past through rituals such as the presentation of Prefect kilts, all are traditions that connect to the legacy of who we are.  These traditions, stories and practices allow us to honour the past, our memories, our relationships and our experiences as individuals and as a community.  They shape who we are today and who we aspire to be in the future.  They have become our way of being and give us a sense of belonging.

‘Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious minds.  The most powerful ones are those we can’t even describe, aren’t even aware of.’

-Ellen Goodman

At SCOTS PGC College, we are fortunate to have such a rich history as a school and as a member of the wider community.  Our history is woven into the fabric of who we are today as a place of learning, the values we hold and the things we celebrate.  It is the foundation we stand upon as we look to the future and are optimistic about what’s to come.

With the pipes and drums playing in the background as the soundtrack of our traditions at SCOTS PGC, I have found myself reflecting upon our past, present and future over recent weeks when attending these celebrations and events.  It is with gratitude that I look back at the past and those who have shaped us as a community, observe with pride our current boys and girls and all that they are achieving as young people in the world, and look forward in anticipation to what is to come for us as a College community in these next few months and years.  We have a history that we should be proud of and a future of possibilities to embrace.

From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School A Week of Action and Adventure Week 3 saw the Year 11 cohort venture …


From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

A Week of Action and Adventure

Week 3 saw the Year 11 cohort venture to Alexandra Headlands for their annual Leadership Camp. Embarking upon a program specifically designed to take them out of their comfort zones physically, socially, and emotionally, they embraced the activities including high ropes, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, and surfing. Our Principal, Mr Thompson also met with each of the three tutor groups to discuss leadership and encouraged them to begin thinking about their theme for 2023.

Our Years 9 and 10 cohorts took part in separate two-day incursions run by outside providers Tribes Adventure. In a round-robin of activities designed to challenge their physical and mental abilities, teams were scored for their ability to complete the set tasks, as well as their teamwork and spirit. The weather held off just long enough for the four-day adventure and everyone enjoyed testing their skills.  With the progression to new work beginning in Week 4, the two incursions were the perfect way to celebrate together.


Year 12 Festival of Leaving

During Week 2, we celebrated the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner, Valedictory Chapel Service and Final School Assembly to mark the graduation of our Year 12 cohort for 2022. The walk through the guard of honour consisting of the whole school is something our Year 12’s will cherish for years to come. The final war cries between the Year 12’s and 11’s was both passionate and heartfelt, as this is the last time the Year 12’s will perform it. With 16 days of external examinations looming, we wish each student every success.

Watch the Valedictory video 

From the Junior and Middle Schools featured image

From the Junior and Middle Schools

Ms Amy Woodgate | Head of Middle School & Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding Ms Amanda Hall | Acting Head of Junior School Grandparents and …


From the Junior and Middle Schools

Ms Amy Woodgate | Head of Middle School & Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding

Ms Amanda Hall | Acting Head of Junior School

Grandparents and Friends Day

Grandparents play such an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. They are often the ones with the warmest hugs, the best advice, the fun, the chocolate and the licence to spoil, heroes that may have silver hair and gold in their hearts, full of love and laughter, they are one of life’s greatest gifts- a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend.

The Junior School Grandparents and Friends Day was held on Friday 21 October. It was wonderful to welcome over 100 special visitors to the College and I know our Junior School students were excited to share their learning, experiences and classroom spaces with them all.

The Junior School assembly was a fantastic showcase featuring performances and presentations by our students. Our College choir sang beautifully, leading the National Anthem and accompanying the beginning of our Prep performance. The Assembly Hall was decorated with sparking lights to frame the stage for the entrance of our Prep fairies and elves. Our youngest students spoke confidently and proudly of their special memories of time spent with their grandparents. Mr Thompson shared a reflection on the time he spent with his grandparents. Under the direction of Mary-Jane Cook, our independent speech and drama students wowed us with their polished performances. Always a highlight of our College events, pipe and drum students from across the school, completed our assembly impressively.

The Junior School and Prep playground areas were a hive of conversation and connection as our students shared morning tea with their visitors.

Thank you to all students, teachers and staff involved in this special and memorable event.


Our Little SCOTS Transition to Prep program began on Wednesday 12 October and will run every week until Week 7 of this term. Welcoming our Little SCOTS and their families to our beautiful Prep precinct began for many or for some continued their SCOTS journey to get more comfortable with the school routine, get to know our classroom and specialist teachers, meet new people and make some new friends all while having fun exploring new learning experiences.

The theme for our first session was ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ with many cuddly, furry friends joining in the fun with ‘Kites” being created and flown the following week. Over the coming sessions, our Little SCOTS will continue to play, explore and create through opportunities to paint, draw, build and sing.

Warwick Solar Farm Excursion

The Warwick Solar Farm is too big to miss as you drive in and out of Warwick, but the SCOTS PGC Year 7 Science students had the opportunity to get up close and personal last week as part of their studies.

The solar farm was built and is run by the University of Queensland to offset their electricity needs over all of their campuses.

Students were able to consider the use of renewable energy sources in supplying electricity to Australia, as they study the use of resources this term.

Year 7 students completed a quiz while they were at the solar farm, asking questions of the manager, Don Drane, and reading the signage carefully to make sure their answers were accurate.

They learned about the 700 Dorper sheep that contribute to the efficient management of the farm, and they learned why Warwick was chosen as the site for the extensive infrastructure.

The formal uniform of the students and the polite and respectful interactions the students instigated were complimented by Mr Drane and the students acted as excellent ambassadors for the school while also learning a lot.

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Head of Co-Curricular Activities Darling Downs Track and Field Results at State Championships At the recent Queensland School Sport Track …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Head of Co-Curricular Activities

Darling Downs Track and Field Results at State Championships

At the recent Queensland School Sport Track and Field Championships our SCOTS students performed very admirably with several personal best performances and top 10 finishes as seen in the following results. We congratulate our students on these fine results and the hard work that many of them put in over the holidays to gain these results.

Henry McMillan was our best-placed performer gaining 4th in his Discus with a whopping 41-metre effort. The most heart-wrenching performance was by Mackenzie Mayall in the final event of the championship where he was unfortunately disqualified for stepping inside his lane on the top curve in the 400m. Mac crossed the line in third place in what appeared to be a 3-second personal best time of 51 seconds only to be told he was out of the race. The true champion that he is was devasted but accepting and retrospective about the result vowing to return next year and right the ledger.

11 Years

  • William Grayson – Shot Put 24th  | 9.41m

12 Years

  • Oliver Miller – 200m 23rd | 28.83s, Long Jump 9th | 4.68m, Discus 11th | 31.46m

13 Years

  • Sienna Sparksman – Shot Put 12th | 9.53m
  • Henry McMillan – Discus 4th | 41.67m

14 Years

  • Ellyse Kruger – Discus 9th | 26.63m
  • Elliza Moore-Kirkland – 200m 17th | 27.57s, 90m Hurdles 13th | 16.33s
  • Murphy Benson – 400m 14th | 56.18s
  • Bailey Harm – Triple Jump 14th | 11.10m, High Jump 8th | 1.71m, Discus 13th | 39.48m, Long Jump 7th | 5.62m
  • Tanner Henley – Shot Put 11th | 11.75m, Javelin 9th | 33.02m, Discus 5th | 46.71m

15 Years

  • Adam McDonald – 100m sprint 14th | 11.85s


  • Harry Mayall – 100m Sprint 30th | 12.11s
  • Ben Carey – 800m 10th | 2.05.53, 400m 10th | 54.02s


  • Tom Denny – 100m Sprint 6th | 11.28s, 200m 5th | 23.22s, 100m 7th | 11.44s, Discus 8th | 30.07m
  • Mackenzie Mayall – 200m 9th | 23.56s, 400m DQ

SCOTS PGC College Tennis Championships

In Week 2 of Term 4, we conducted our annual Tennis Championship with competitors in the U12 and U15 age groups challenging for tennis supremacy at the College.

Our Finals were gripping affairs with the following results gained across the matches.

In the Under 12 final, Ari Hall proved too strong for Tim Amos, who put up a valiant contest. Ari took the match 10-5 and was crowned Champion.

In the U15 Championship, it was a family affair with James Buchan proving too strong for his sister Georgina, taking the match 10-4. Georgina defiantly held on throughout the match with some flashes of brilliance, but James had the wood on her with court coverage.

Presentations will be made at assembly in the coming weeks to acknowledge their achievements.

Cricket News

Cricket is undergoing a restructure with Term 4 trial games against Downlands College and the Wanderers Cricket Club slated in Weeks 5 and 8, weather permitting.

Term 1 is shaping as a busy one with matches against Downlands College, St Mary’s College, Toowoomba Anglican School, Concordia College and Mary Mackillop all in the pipeline as the QCIS competition sets to expand its reach.

We are looking for players in Years 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 to fill our teams for these competitions. We encourage our Years 4 to 6 students to get involved with the Warwick Junior Cricket Association fixtures on a Saturday morning to enhance their skills. Students from Years 6 to 12 are welcome at our training on Wednesday afternoons and those in Years 1 to 6 are encouraged to attend our Arranmore program in Term 2.

Training continues Wednesday afternoons weather permitting, with options to use the WALEC Courts in the event our nets and ovals are out of action. Contact Mr Callum Blake if interested.

Squad Swimming

Squad Swimming continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.00 – 7.00 am at the WIRAC Pool and will run through until Monday of Week 8.  Please notify Miss Carey and Mrs Casey if you are keen to attend as the registration form previously sent has since closed. Swimmers must be able to swim a continuous 200m and have experience in all four strokes.

Arranmore Futsal and Touch

These activities continue on Monday – Touch, and Tuesday – Futsal and are relatively weatherproof activities; however, if storms are around, we will make the call as soon as is practicable in the best interests and safety of the students. These activities are quite full so at this stage, we are not taking any further registrations. These will continue through until Week 7 of the term.

Upcoming Events

Darling Downs Aquathlon Trials (11-12 years of age in 2023) | Friday 28 October | Best wishes to Ella Hutchison

Darling Downs Triathlon Trials (13-19 years of age in 2023) | Sunday 13 November | entries have closed

SCOTS Youth Draft | Saturday-Sunday 12-13 November | moved to new venue at Allora Showgrounds

Speech Day Awards | Thursday and Friday 17-18 November | John Muir Sports Centre

From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding Year 12…. goodbye and good luck! The past two weeks at SCOTS PGC have been a …


From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

Year 12…. goodbye and good luck!

The past two weeks at SCOTS PGC have been a real time of celebration, reflection and excitement within Boys’ Boarding. The obvious highlight was the events for our Year 12 boys, namely the Valedictory Dinner, Chapel Service and Final Assembly. Each occasion was an opportunity to not only congratulate the boys on what they have achieved during their time at SCOTS PGC but also provided inspiration to our younger boarders, as they strive toward their ultimate year of schooling at this great College. To the nine boy boarders in Year 12 who have now graduated, we wish them well for a bright future following their final exams.

Thanks to our Boarding Captain, Peter McFarland, Vice-Captain Scott Taat and all the boys for contributing to our boarding house in many positive ways. You are a special bunch of young men, with great qualities, and whilst you will all be missed, you will never be forgotten.

The ‘Gift of Reading’

At the start of Term 4, the Junior Boy Boarders were reintroduced to what has been a very successful program in past years here at the College; that is, the simple gift of reading.

For many years before the electronic era, many children and even entire families committed to reading every day as an important part of their lives, to gain knowledge and come together. These benefits of reading every day continue to be evident and the young men in Junior Boys have now taken up the torch and are clearly enjoying all that is good about reading.

Each night, the group sit together as a family unit and read to one another. It is already clear that a positive culture of change has occurred in our Junior Boys’ Boarding House when it comes to reading. Well done to all boys.

Mr Bailey and I look forward to an exciting term with our boys, as we continue to work together and enjoy many more spirited times based on respectful relationships and care for others.

‘Walking out the green gates for the final time’

Ms Amy Woodgate | Head of Middle School and Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding

Over the last few weeks, we have had the opportunity in Girls Boarding to farewell our Senior cohort of 2022.  These girls have led the Boarding House proudly this year, each offering her own insights, humour, commitment and personality to our Girls Boarding community.

Amongst the formal events of the Valedictory Service, Final Chapel and Final Assembly for the Seniors, a highlight was most definitely the farewell from the Boarding House that was held on what was their last night all together in the house.  Led by the Year 11s, the girls were celebrated with songs, skits, funny stories and games.  Ros Hart also made a special presentation to the girls with a personalised gift as a symbol of their time in Boarding and all were farewelled with a final guard of honour and the PGC war cry.  It was a night that I am sure the graduating group will look back upon fondly, particularly the memories they have shared with older and younger girls alike.

Thank you to our Boarding Captain, Matilda Bryant, Vice Captain, Kaysan Miles and all within our Year 12 leadership group for being an inspiration to our younger boarders and for contributing positively to our boarding community over their time at the College.  We all wish you well as you venture out into the wider world and walk out of the green gates for the final time.

Service and Community featured image

Service and Community

P & F Golf Day The recent rainy weather resulted in the P & F Golf Day being postponed until Sunday 6 November.  We’d love …


Service and Community

P & F Golf Day

The recent rainy weather resulted in the P & F Golf Day being postponed until Sunday 6 November.  We’d love to see everyone tee off and enjoy a great day together.  If you are a non-golfer, please come to the presentation afternoon and enjoy an afternoon on the deck.  Our friends at Birdie Bar and Bistro have food and drinks on offer.  There are some fabulous prizes to be won, so please get your team of four together and nominate via the Warwick Golf Club Pro Shop (07 4661 5905)

Killarney Co-op turns 100!

We were delighted to be able to celebrate another 100th birthday in our wider community last week! Fellow centurions, Killarney Co-operative Limited hosted a number of centenary events over the weekend which included a High Tea, Farmer’s Breakfast, Tradefair and Gala Dinner.

Our Hospitality students were part of the service team at the High Tea, where Mrs Peterson and some of our Year 11 girls attended as guests.  Our Advancement Team pitched a tent at the Tradefair and chatted with locals on Saturday morning before our leadership team attended the Gala Dinner later that evening.

All in all, it was wonderful to be part of the celebrations and the Killarney community.  Congratulations to the Killarney Co-operative Limited on achieving such a significant milestone.


From our Students featured image

From our Students

Year 11 Leadership Camp Report Bridget Hardy | Year 11 student Between the cricket games in the hallways, the dance parties in the common room, …


From our Students

Year 11 Leadership Camp Report

Bridget Hardy | Year 11 student

Between the cricket games in the hallways, the dance parties in the common room, and Miss Woodbine’s remarkable bedtime stories, it goes without saying that the Year 11 leadership camp to Alexandra Headlands was a week filled with fun, laughter, growth, and responsibility. Designed to challenge us to step outside of our comfort zones, our cohort became united by the motivation to build resilience, confidence, and leadership skills during the activities throughout the week.

There was an activity for everyone: high ropes, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, archery, fishing, and the pamper pole. It wasn’t all easy, though. Each activity required strength and determination to complete. Whilst some excelled and were comfortable with certain activities, others were confronted by the urge to overcome their fears in order to complete the activities. Ultimately, this prompted support and encouragement within the groups as each group member was motivated by their peers to overcome their fears.

Aside from the scheduled activities during the day, we were also fortunate enough to have some downtime where we went swimming at the beach, shopping at the Mooloolaba Esplanade, and even participated in a talent show where we showcased our dancing, singing, and comedic abilities.

Throughout the week, we were also given the opportunity to discuss the expectations, ideas, and goals for our senior year. This allowed us to understand our role as the leaders in 2023 and determine how we are going to influence the College during our final year.

Although there were many tired eyes towards the end of the week and we were all challenged one way or another, everyone maintained their spirits and were able to persist in all the activities right to the very end.

I know that I speak for everyone when I say that this camp truly was an amazing experience and that we are all so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to build relationships, escape our comfort zones, and grow as a cohort.

To all the teachers and staff who were involved with this camp, we cannot thank you enough!