From the Middle School

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

Being Curious and Asking Questions

How do clouds float in the sky?  

Where does a circle end? 

Why do I have two eyes if I only see one thing? 

How do museums preserve memories? 

What happens if I pull this machine apart?                     

What is light made of? 

Do any of these tricky questions sound familiar?

A key element of developing critical and creative thinking is being curious, that is asking questions and having the confidence to seek out the answers.  Curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work.  Curiosity is an important element in the process of learning at any age.

However, our Middle School students in their early years of adolescence, often avoid asking the question for fear of standing out, for appearing to not know or for looking ‘less than’ in the eyes of their peers.  Developing the self confidence to put their hand up in class, the courage to explore a new passion or interest and the willingness to be ok with ‘I haven’t worked that out yet’ are all key elements to our young people succeeding during these years of their development.

Research has suggested that intelligence isn’t the only element required for academic performance.  Curiosity can actually make the learning more enjoyable, more effective and more sustainable.  By being curious, students are actively engaging in a dynamic process.  They are wanting to know more, to read more, and to delve deeper by asking more.

Although it is often intrinsic for children to ask questions, we also want them to develop the skills necessary to be able to research and discover the answers to their questions.  Students need to be able to take a risk, be willing to challenge what they know and be an inquirer.

For children to develop and satisfy their urge to know, they need role models, opportunities to practice and guidance.  Their curiosity is rewarded through time together chatting, time spent inquiring into an answer or the chance to share new knowledge with others.

Being able to say “I don’t know, but let’s find out” is powerful as it validates the question and encourages those who are asking to work through their thinking and construct their own knowledge.

As our students are getting into the routine of their new school, new year level and new subjects for 2023, I encourage each of them to look for opportunities to be curious.  I encourage them to ask the question, no matter how ‘silly’ they may think it is, to research something they find interesting, to take the time to learn about their friend’s hobby or passion.

We want our students to wonder about the world around them. Being curious isn’t necessarily about finding the answer.  The value of being curious lies in the exploration.   It is curiosity that is essential for growth and development.

 “The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existence.” Albert Einstein

We want our students to keep asking those tricky questions!


‘Pink’ Free Dress Day

Come dressed in your best Pink outfit next Thursday, 23 February! The College is hosting a school-wide Free Dress fundraiser in aid of the McGrath Foundation. Please bring a gold coin donation and support a wonderful cause.


From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities Representative Program Over the past fortnight, several trials have been held for Border District, Southern Downs and …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Representative Program

Over the past fortnight, several trials have been held for Border District, Southern Downs and Darling Downs Trials and our SCOTS PGC students have performed very well.

Following the Southern Downs Cricket Trials, Amelia Kuhn was selected to represent the district at the Darling Down Trials where she became our first regional representative for 2023 with selection to the Darling Downs Girls 10-12 years Cricket team. She will head off to the State titles later this term in an attempt to regain her spot in the Queensland Team for the National Championships later this year.

The Border District Summer Trials were held at Goondiwindi once again where several of our students were on show in both Touch and Cricket.

Our successful trialists are as follows:

  • U19 Boys Cricket | Jack Ragh, Percy Kruger, Jesse Bohm, and Samuel Bourke – they will now attend the Darling Downs Trials in Toowoomba on Tuesday 14 February.
  • U15 Girls Touch | Elliza Moore-Kirkland, Lacey Maag
  • U15 Boys Touch | Cooper Locke, Murphy Benson
  • Open Girls Touch | Phoebe Sellick, Matilda Nowlan
  • Open Boys Touch | Daniel Hughes, Benjamin Carey

These students will attend the Darling Downs Trials on Tuesday 21 February in Toowoomba.

Our next big day out is the Border District Winter Trials on Wednesday 15 February where students will attend Rugby League, Football, Netball and Basketball selection trials.

Term 1 Arranmore Activities

Arranmore activities are closed at this stage with excess numbers turning up for some activities. These activities are full, so please do not send your child to these activities unless you are registered.

First XI Cap Presentation

On Friday, we presented our First XI Cricket Team with their baggy caps for the first time in a long time. Kira Holmes, Captain of the First XI for three straight years during her time with us, and newly capped Queensland Fire player, was on hand to make the presentations to our players alongside Mr Thompson. We congratulate the following students on their selection and wish them and all other players the very best for the season ahead.

  1. Daniel Hughes (wk)
  2. Hamish Swift
  3. Lewis Edwards
  4. Percy Kruger (Vice Captain)
  5. Jack Ragh (Captain)
  6. Sam Bourke
  7. Seth Esson
  8. Phoebe Bryant
  9. Ben Carey
  10. William Bryant
  11. Alex Bateman Paul
  12. George Handley
  13. Mackenzie Mayall

First XI Match Report

Mr Callum Blake – Teacher in charge

Thursday 9 February marked the beginning of the Darling Downs Schools Cricket T20 competition for SCOTS PGC College, who took on Downlands College at home. Our First XI started the bowling and were on the backfoot from the outset, as the Downlands batsmen took advantage of some loose bowling. Sam Bourke (1/18 off 4 overs) bowled beautifully to slow the run rate down, however, it was Phoebe Bryant (1/5 off 2 overs) who changed the momentum of the game by striking with her very first ball and ended up bowling a wicket-maiden over. This was followed by some wonderful teamwork in the field from Sam Bourke, Jack Ragh and Daniel Hughes to run out the Downlands captain.

SCOTS PGC was given the tough but achievable task of chasing down 151 in the fading daylight. Downlands seemed confident that they had enough runs in the bag to win it, but SCOTS PGC Captain Jack Ragh had other ideas. He strode to the crease with a look of determination in his eyes and struck the ball cleanly from his very first ball, highlighted by a 6 straight through the rugby goal posts! At one point, he was 40 not out off 19 balls and with the team 2/77 needing 75 off 70 balls to win, SCOTS PGC were in a great position. Unfortunately for us, Jack fell the very next ball after being deceived by a slower ball. Lewis Edwards (21), Percy Kruger (15) and Sam Bourke (17) all chipped in with handy contributions to take it right to the last over. However, it wasn’t quite enough, as Downlands restricted SCOTS PGC to 9/139 at the end of their 20 overs, falling 13 runs short of victory.

In the next match, SCOTS PGC takes on St Mary’s in Toowoomba, in what shapes to be a crucial clash as both teams aim to make the final of the competition.

Futsal Fixtures start with a frenzy

Term 1 Fixtures have commenced with Rounds 1 and 2 completed for both the Girl’s and Boy’s competitions.

The boys started with a draw and 2 losses in Week 1 but turned that around in Week 2 with three sound wins. Our U113 Girls are very new to the game and have been competitive but are yet to chalk up a win. The U15 Girls are currently undefeated and playing some brilliant futsal. The Open Girls started with a great win first up against St Ursula’s but a lapse in composure and a bit of panicking saw them go down to Mary Mackillop.

Week 3 will see how the teams are going as they start to settle into their formations. With 5 weeks to the SWQ Titles, the race is heating up to get our teams firing in unison.

Equestrian Success across South East Queensland

At last week’s Allora Show, Phoebe and Gabrielle Sellick participated in the Show Jumping events with some ensuing success. Phoebe Sellick won the 90cm Show Jumping section and was placed 5th in the very competitive 80cm section. Co-Captain Gabrielle Sellick, placed a creditable 4th in the 1m section. Bethany Mulcahy won the Champion Unassisted Rider at the Allora show, whilst Matilda Hawtin and Matilda Brand were also seen in the saddle around the Allora arena.

Laura Joubert was 10th overall in the 70cm show jumping at Stuartholme Interschool last weekend whilst Jess Angus was named Champion for the Novice Dressage, 5th overall in the 1m and 9th overall in the 1.1m show jumping sections. This proved to be a successful trip to Brisbane for the girls.

While some of our Equestrian riders were in English arenas, Piper Griffiths was focused on Western-style riding.  She placed 4th in the Juvenile Campdraft at Stanthorpe.  Congratulations to all!

Sheep Show Team Dominate Allora Show

The Sheep Club ventured out to their first Show of the season at Allora and came away with some excellent results.

Congratulations to the following students who excelled in the judging arena.

Senior Sheep Judging: 2nd – Abby Brown (Year 12) and 3rd – Maggie Myer (Year 11)

Junior Judging: 1st – Genevieve Hunter (Year 6), 2nd – Benn Hunter (Year 7)

SCOTS PGC were the only breeders showing Texel Sheep and won ribbons in this section with ease. The team went on to win the Champion Breeders Group across all breeds on show, which was a pleasing result for our first trip of the year.

Team Captain, Abby Brown, led from the front selecting all our entries and helping all our students prepare for the competition. Abby’s parents, Mr & Mrs Brown were incredibly helpful in loading and prepping animals, and we are extremely grateful for their assistance over the duration of the Allora Show.

Overall, it was a great outing for the SCOTS PGC Sheep Show Team and everyone is excited for the Clifton show! The highlight of the weekend was seeing Genevieve Hunter take out first place in the Junior Judging.  As a first-time judge, Genevieve was understandably very nervous speaking in front of a crowd.  However, much to her surprise, she ended up placing first after selecting the order correctly and providing enough evidence of her reasoning to the judge.

Futsal for the Young Ones!

As an extension of our Junior Sport Competition offerings in 2023, last week we kicked off the SCOTS PGC Junior Futsal Competition.  This fixture is open to students from across the College and the wider community in the age groups of U8, U10 and U12.

The competition kicked off with solid numbers for 4 teams of mixed ages. Our first week comprised lots of action and smiles all around from the participants.

Check out the action next week in the John Muir Sports Centre as the teams face off in Round 2.

13-19 years Senior School Swimming Carnival

Held in perfect conditions at the WIRAC, the Senior Inter-Clan Swimming Carnival went off with little disruption. The students were keen to have a go in most instances and several record efforts made for some exciting results.

In the race for the Age Championships, the following students were successful in gaining their respective first and second placings. These presentations will be made at appropriate assemblies over Weeks 4 and 5 as required.

  • 13 years Girls – Chloe Harm 1st, Hannah Bourke 2nd
  • 13 years Boys – Cruz Hamilton 1st, Oliver Miller 2nd
  • 14 years Girls – Sienna Sparksman 1st, Bridie Hutchison 2nd
  • 14 years Boys – William Peters 1st, Douglas Lawlor 2nd
  • 15 years Girls – Ellyse Kruger 1st, Elliza Moore-Kirkland 2nd
  • 15 years Boys – Bailey Harm 1st, Axel Gamble 2nd
  • 16 years Girls – Ella McGlashan 1st , Connie-Anne Sue Tin 2nd
  • 16 years Boys – Samuel Bourke 1st, Nicholas Edmed 2nd
  • 17 years Girls – Krystal Petersen 1st, Niamh Ryan 2nd
  • 17 years Boys – Darcy Noller 1st, Percy Kruger 2nd
  • 18-19 years Girls – Abigail Skaines 1st, Ruby Noller 2nd
  • 18-19 years Boys – Paul Costello 1st, Luke Stephenson 2nd

In the race for Clan glory, the following points were accrued by each team with some close calls indeed. In 4th place with 1094 points was Leslie Clan who cheered themselves to a standstill throughout the day. In 3th and just 1 point in arrears of 2nd was Mackay with 1121 points. With 1122 points, Macinnes finished 2nd, leaving Cameron our winner on 1333 points and undisputed Clan Champions in 2023. Congratulations to Cameron on their efforts!

Thank you to the excellent organisation of Miss Carey, and our key officials Mr Marriott, Mr Sullivan, Mr Davis and Miss Brittain. Our senior students also need to be congratulated on their excellent behaviour and participation throughout the carnival. Our new process for marshalling and recording was well implemented by staff and other than a few hiccups the process was a success.

9-12 years Junior and Middle School Swimming Carnival

Following the successful Senior Inter-Clan Swimming Carnival, the 9-12 years students then had their go in the pool last Friday.

The clan spirit was alive and well and cheering almost rivalled that of the senior school with the enthusiasm of our 9-12-year-olds almost spilling into the pool.

Our Age Champions were as follows…

  • 9 years Girls – no contestants
  • 9 years Boys – Thomas Grayson 1st, Archie Grayson 2nd
  • 10 years Girls – Isabelle Pettiford 1st, Eliza Geraghty 2nd
  • 10 years Boys – no contestants
  • 11 years Girls – Ella Hutchison 1st, Millie Petersen 2nd
  • 11 years Boys – William Dare 1st, Ari Hall 2nd
  • 12 years Girls – Charlotte Stevens 1st , Sophia Pettiford 2nd
  • 12 years Boys – Bronx Hamilton 1st, Will Grayson 2nd

In the battle for Clan supremacy, the points were spread, but the dominance of one Clan shone out above all. In 4th place with 550 points was Leslie, 3rd place with 681 points went to Macinnes, Mackay was 2nd with 723 points and our champion Clan was Cameron with 907 points from the day’s events. Congratulations to Clan Cameron on their team performance this year.  Keep an eye on our social pages – a full photo wrap-up will be published this week!

We congratulate Miss Carey, Mrs Dwan and Miss Brittain for their excellent running of this carnival and to all the staff for their part in the smooth running of the day. Congratulations to all our age champions and runners-up on their efforts and we wish all students the very best at upcoming events.


2023 Swimming Records

We congratulate the following students for their record setting efforts across the two carnivals.

Ella Hutchison was the sole record breaker at the Junior and Middle Carnival with an impressive performance in the 50m Backstroke for the 11 years Girls setting a new mark of 42.41 sec.

Chloe Harm lowered the 13 years Girls 50m Freestyle time with a very slippery 29.66sec effort that took 1 full second off the previous record held by Ellyse Kruger.

Ellyse Kruger lowered two records in the 15 years Girls 50m Breaststroke with a new mark of 38.78sec, and in the 50m Freestyle touch the wall in a snappy 28.61sec. Both records were set back in 2002 and have been untouched for 21 years.

In a devastatingly dominant performance, we congratulate Bailey Harm on his five record performances across the day. Bailey set new marks in the following events:

  • 200m Individual Medley – 2.24.38min,
  • 50m Freestyle – 24.66sec,
  • 100m Freestyle – 54.63sec,
  • 50m Breaststroke – 32.86sec,
  • 50m Butterfly – 27.88sec.

These were not soft records by any stretch with Max Ackermann and Will Gilmore having previously held these records. Max particularly was a very well credentialled swimmer who set these records some 15 years ago before going on to represent his country after school.

Cross Country Training commencing Week 5

Students are invited to attend Cross Country Training commencing Week 5. Training is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7.00-8.00 am for the 9-19 years students, and from 8.00-8.25 for our 9 years and under students.

Venues are the John Muir Sports Centre for 9-19 years students with Mr Sam McCulloch and Buss Oval for the late starting junior training session to be taken by Mr Peter Campbell. Juniors are encouraged to come twice a week across the three days available.

Enquiries to Mr Sam McCulloch or Mr Tom Bradbury.

Upcoming Events

  •  SCOTS PGC Junior Futsal Competition | U8, U10, U12 – continues Friday afternoon in the John Muir Sports Centre
  • Interschool Futsal Competitions | U13, U15 and Open – Boys and Girls | Wednesday & Thursdays | Toowoomba
  • T20 Cricket | First XI and Junior XI | Continues Thursdays
  • Senior Girls Netball Competition | 14 years+ Girls–| Tuesday 14 February – Warwick
  • Junior Hockey | Years 4-6 | commencing Wednesday 15 February
  • Border District Winter Trials | Netball, Football, Rugby League and Basketball– Wednesday 15 February – Warwick (nominations have closed)
  • Laura Geitz Netball | Year 7/8 Girls– Sunday 12 March – revised date– Toowoomba
  • SWQ Futsal Titles | March 13-17 – Teams to be nominated from our current Fixtures players. Ages and teams to be advised.
  • Matthew Flinders Sports Visit | Friday / Saturday 24/25 March (Warwick Show Holiday)
  • SCOTS PGC Annual Inter-Clan Cross Country Carnival | Wednesday 29 March | Briggs Oval and surrounds
From the Junior School featured image

From the Junior School

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School The Power of Play The power or play in the Early Years of education is widely recognised …


From the Junior School

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

The Power of Play

The power or play in the Early Years of education is widely recognised as a crucial component of child development. Play provides children with opportunities to develop important skills and engage in experiences that are essential for their growth and well-being. At SCOTS PGC College, the Prep students are encouraged to participate in play-based activities that promote their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development and are often interest-led.

Play helps children to develop physical skills and coordination. Our Prep students are provided with a safe and supportive environment with such a vast variety of materials and options to support their play and love of discovery.

Over many years, the two hobby horses have been ridden, corralled and loved by many Prep students. They have always been such a popular choice for play that they were certainly starting to show their age. Mr Simon Mascardri, Head of VET and Technologies, and his Year 11 Industrial Technology students saw these aging hobby horses as an opportunity for a cross sub school project with a real-world context. Beginning with these Industrial Technology students researching and learning about the materials, tools and techniques needed to create more hobby horses, they then applied their knowledge of design and manufacturing processes and to collaborate to create their own hobby horse designs.

The presentation of the completed hobby horses to our current Prep students was a key highlight of this project, allowing our Year 11 students to demonstrate and share their knowledge with their young audience.

The excitement and enthusiasm for the new, expanded ‘stud’ of horses is clearly evident on the faces of our Prep students. It is hoped that there will be future opportunities for our students across the College to contribute to opportunities for play, laying a foundation for a lifelong love of learning in our youngest but also our older students.

‘Pink’ Free Dress Day

Come dressed in your best Pink outfit next Thursday, 23 February! The College is hosting a school-wide Free Dress fundraiser in aid of the McGrath Foundation. Please bring a gold coin donation and support a wonderful cause.

From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Mr Mark Richards | Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation Lessons from the Transformers The following is an abridged version of the speech I delivered …


From the Senior School

Mr Mark Richards | Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Lessons from the Transformers

The following is an abridged version of the speech I delivered at the Senior School Academic Assembly, last Friday.  This Assembly provided an opportunity to recognise our consistent achievers and our top academic students from the last semester in 2022.

My speech went as follows:

As now is becoming a bit of a tradition, I would like to start with a story about my own 4-year-old son.  He has started Kindy and the first bit of feedback from the teachers was “he never stops, does he?”.  He is the human equivalent of the transformers franchise, just when you think they have finished, another sequel appears.  And, like the autobots, he is constantly on the go, continuously inquisitive about the world around him, searching for new experiences and new things to transform.  His favourite question is ‘Why?’  Why doesn’t our car transform into a robot?  Why do I have to eat the broccoli?  Why can’t you have a pink beard, daddy?

A fascination with pink beards aside, it is a reminder of how curiosity and inquiry need to be at the heart of any successful education program.  How we need to continuously look forwards.  The theme for the curriculum in 2023 at SCOTS PGC is the ‘Future’, preparing our students for what is to come.  One of the big topics now is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and, more specifically, Chat GPT.  If you have not experienced it yet, I encourage you to do so.  It is a free AI that will answer your questions and give you individualised answers to questions.  Many education sectors have already banned it, they are worried about the impact of plagiarism and homework.  However, we will not be banning any AI at SCOTS PGC College as we take the view that Chat GPT, like many of these advances, are tools.  Microsoft has already announced it will be integrating Chat GPT into its products, so banning it is a waste of time.  Instead, we should be preparing our students for a world of work where using and AI is as commonplace as Netflix and mobile phones.  Yes, there are dangers and, yes, there are difficulties, but it is our responsibility as educators to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of the future. In fact, AIs can aid education by augmenting and enhancing the learning experience. They can help students in various ways, such as:

  • Providing instant access to information.
  • Improving language skills: As a language model, ChatGPT can help students improve their writing, reading and speaking skills. They can practice these skills by communicating with the AI and receiving feedback on their language usage.
  • Offering personalised education: ChatGPT can analyse students’ interests and adapt its responses to meet their specific learning needs and goals.

I am sorry to disappoint our students, but we are already adapting assessments and homework to the realities of AIs.  There will be more checkpoints, more human discussions, more supervised exam conditions, more emphasis on analysis and evaluation and less recall of knowledge.  Basically, more human and less autobot.

As you may have gathered, my son’s current favourite toy is a transformer.  Surprisingly, there are quite several lessons to be learnt from these robots in disguise.

  1. The importance of teamwork and spirit: In the Transformers universe, the Autobots and Decepticons often work together in teams to achieve their goals. This highlights the importance of working together with others can help us learn and grow.
  2. The value of tenacity: The Transformers characters often face challenging obstacles, but they do not give up easily. They persist in their efforts, even when the odds are against them.  It shows that persistence and determination can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.
  3. The power of creativity: The Transformers can change their forms and adapt to different situations. This creativity can inspire students to think outside the box and approach problems from new and innovative perspectives.

It was great to be able to award certificates of Excellence, Merit and half and full academic colours.  These students have shown all these values and more, they have shown a willingness to devote regular energy to their studies, managing their time exceptionally well.  They are all well-rounded individuals who consistently exhibit the school values of Spirit, Excellence and Tenacity.  These are achievements that they should be truly proud of.

We were also able to welcome back Hannah Myer and Eliana Jones, who both achieved an amazing ATAR of above 90.  It was a pleasure to hear their advice and a little about their academic journey.  They both leave a great legacy for all students to aspire to.

‘Pink’ Free Dress Day

Come dressed in your best Pink outfit next Thursday, 23 February! The College is hosting a school-wide Free Dress fundraiser in aid of the McGrath Foundation. Please bring a gold coin donation and support a wonderful cause.

Maintaining Momentum After a Sizzling Start featured image

Maintaining Momentum After a Sizzling Start

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School As we enter our fourth week of the new school year, I hope everyone …


Maintaining Momentum After a Sizzling Start

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

As we enter our fourth week of the new school year, I hope everyone is settling into their new routine. As the first few weeks of school can be frantic, it is important to maintain momentum and stay on track towards achieving our goals. Here are some tips to help you continue your success throughout the school year and importantly, maintain momentum.

First and foremost, prioritise self-care. Maintaining a healthy balance of physical, emotional, and mental health is crucial to staying focused and motivated both at school and beyond. Make sure to prioritise regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. Without these three, success at school becomes even more challenging.

Next, set achievable goals and create a study plan. By setting realistic goals, you can track your progress and stay motivated throughout the year. Make sure that your schedule contains a balance of academic and co-curricular activities and stick to it. It is important to remain committed to the activity you have signed up for.  When you miss training and games, it impacts everyone else on the team who relies on you and the coach.  Co-Curricular activities teach us so many valuable lessons; one of which is committing to the team and every member of it.

It is also important to stay organised. Keep a planner or calendar to keep track of important dates, deadlines, and assignments. Stay on top of your schoolwork by completing assignments as soon as possible, and do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your rough copies should be your very best effort before receiving teacher feedback; not just an attempt to meet a deadline through an effort which does not reflect your true capabilities.

Lastly, stay connected with your peers and teachers. Building a positive relationship with your classmates and teachers can not only help you academically, but it can also enhance your overall school experience. Remember the ‘Who is on your team?’ challenge.  Participate in class discussions, join sports and activities, and do not be afraid to seek help from teachers or classmates when you need it.

Finally, maintaining momentum after the first few weeks of school can be challenging, but with the right mindset, focus, and planning, you can achieve your goals and really enjoy the school year. Remember to prioritise self-care, set achievable goals, stay organised, and stay connected with your friends and teachers. SCOTS PGC has so many wonderful opportunities for you to grasp, you just need to reach out and grab them.

From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding & Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School SCOTS PGC Boarding …


From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding & Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

SCOTS PGC Boarding – off to a great start!

There is a real sense of belonging in both girls’ and boys’ boarding houses as we approach the end of Week 4 in our first term. The boarders have certainly realised the need to start the year well and create good habits and study routines.  In particular, it’s great to see students of all year levels interacting and sharing fun experiences together that have them smiling regularly.

What has been particularly impressive from our Senior boarders is their welcoming manner and ‘lead by example’ approach with all of the younger girls and boys. Further, the positive way in which our Years 8 and 9 boarders have embraced and befriended the new Years 6 and 7 students has also been excellent as they continue to settle into boarding life at SCOTS. The values of respect and spirit are certainly showing through, and well may that continue.

As you will notice from some of the photos below, Prep (or homework time) is in full swing each week, with both senior and junior boarders. The Year 11 boys even welcomed Mr McCullough into Hawkins House for some maths tutoring work last week. This will continue to be a strong focus throughout 2023.

Adopt a Boarder

This is fast approaching on 24-26 February (end of Week 5) and is available to all boarding students. Essentially, girls and boys from all the SCOTS PGC boarding houses are encouraged to spend the weekend with friends from the day school, as approved by their parents/guardians. This may also include staying with a relative/family member or another boarder who offers to host a boarder, or it may even be a trip home for some. Parents of boarding students and the host parents can make plans and relay these to their respective Directors of Boarding to arrange leave. Please talk with your son/daughter about this great opportunity.

Going forward, keep an eye out in future Newsletters for some ‘Boarder profiles’, a great way for the SCOTS PGC community to get to know more about our students in boarding.

From our Student Leaders featured image

From our Student Leaders

Alexis Zerner and Emma Bradbury | Publications Prefects College Leaders’ Retreat Would you trust 21 Year 12 students to navigate around Brisbane with $15 on …


From our Student Leaders

Alexis Zerner and Emma Bradbury | Publications Prefects

College Leaders’ Retreat

Would you trust 21 Year 12 students to navigate around Brisbane with $15 on their go cards?

We wouldn’t…

On 3  February, the 2023 College Leadership team departed for their leadership camp to the ‘big city’ for the weekend. The journey began with some bus ride-karaoke partnered with some questionable singing skills.

Upon arriving at our accommodation for the weekend at the YHA, we promptly stowed our belongings and walked to ‘Escape Manor’. After a few terrifying and mentally challenging experiences, most people were surprisingly motivated to try their luck at conquering a few more thrilling escape rooms.

Following our escape, we dressed up and headed to Southbank for dinner and ice cream (which Will may or may not have spilled down his white shirt). After a long and muggy day of walking, we were all ready to rest up for our even bigger day ahead.

On Saturday morning following breakfast, we split into our respective groups for the ‘Great Race,’ where groups of seven were each given 11 destinations situated in and around the city. Each group had to make their way to their locations with nothing but Go-Cards and some doubtful directional skills. However, all three groups did manage to find all the landmarks and take some stylish and creative group selfies as evidence. With so many shops in Brisbane, it was quite easy to get distracted and wander off, with some students quickly vanishing and reappearing with various impulse purchases.

One highlight of the day for every student was the 20-minute scenic ferry ride back to UQ, which ended the ‘Great Race’ on a high note. With another musical trip back to our accommodation, it was then time to have a swim or kick back and relax. We all dressed up again for an evening out and at 5pm, we went out in groups and shared a final, well-deserved dinner away, together with our mates.

With an awfully slow and late start to Sunday morning, we all had breakfast and promptly packed our things. The girls, accompanied by Miss Woodbine, enjoyed a delicious breakfast together at Pancake Manor, before briskly returning to the accommodation to quickly assemble our belongings. We ended the Leasers’ Camp with a leadership discussion with Mr Thompson and Mr Dobrenov, discussing what it means to attend SCOTS PGC College and everything it means to be in our final year at school.

We all departed the YHA mid Sunday morning on a calmer bus ride home due to everyone being so tired after the fun-filled weekend. Everyone had an excellent time and learned what it meant to be a leader. Special thanks to Mr Thompson, Mr Dobrenov, Mr Kuhn, and Miss Woodbine for the experiences we had over the weekend and the memories made that everyone will look back on in the future.

Cupcakes for a cause

On 14  February, we as a school community celebrated Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. The Year 12 cohort put together a bake sale to raise funds for the World’s Greatest shave and Ponytail project that will occur in Term 3. Both of these fantastic causes help to raise money to fund Australia’s best and brightest blood cancer researchers in their quest to deliver rapid advancements in diagnosis, treatment and ultimately — a cure. When someone signs up to shave, cut or colour for World’s Greatest Shave and Ponytail project, they fundraise to make sure families facing blood cancer have a place to call home during treatment, someone to turn to, and access to the best possible care and treatment.

Community and Service featured image

Community and Service

Movie Fundraiser | Spot our SCOTS PGC band members on the big screen! The Warwick Caledonian Society is hosting a ‘Movie Fundraiser’ in conjunction with …


Community and Service

Movie Fundraiser | Spot our SCOTS PGC band members on the big screen!

The Warwick Caledonian Society is hosting a ‘Movie Fundraiser’ in conjunction with the Warwick Twin Cinema to showcase the 2022 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  As you would probably know, last year, five of our SCOTS PGC students set off to Scotland to take part in the Tattoo as part of the Brisbane Boys College Pipe and Drums Band. This is a wonderful opportunity to see if you can spot the boys on the big screen and see just how spectacular their experience was playing to thousands over 26 consecutive shows in Edinburgh.

Our students, Nicholas McGahan, Samuel Bourke, Rory McFarlane, Fraser Collins and Joshua Hullock will also be there to give a live performance.  All details are in the poster…

Please come along with your family and friends in support of the Warwick Caledonian Society and the College.  All profits will go towards helping us to facilitate the Australian Solo Piping and Drumming Championships and the Australian Juvenile Pipe Band Championships held later in the year.

We hope to see you there!

P&F Annual General Meeting | Tuesday 21 Feb

Our Parents and Friends Association are hosting their Annual General Meeting next Tuesday 21 February in the Senior School Library from 5.30 pm.

The evening will kick off with drinks and refreshments from 5.30 pm (a nice opportunity for socialising), with the meeting to commence at 6.00 pm.

Everyone is welcome… Boarding parents are able to join the meeting via Microsoft Teams.  Please contact Mrs Alisi Malolo for the link to join (Email –

‘Pink’ Free Dress Day

Come dressed in your best Pink outfit next Thursday, 23 February! The College is hosting a school-wide Free Dress fundraiser in aid of the McGrath Foundation. Please bring a gold coin donation and support a wonderful cause.

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