Year 10 SET Plan Update

This week we saw the culmination of the documenting phase of the SET Plan process for the Year 10 cohort whereby they were required to complete their SET Plan Career Summary.

A letter, a copy of the student’s SET Plan summary and the Subject Selection Lines for Year 11 2019 will be sent home to all Year 10 parents during the school holidays.  The SET Plan Summary provides a “Snap Shot” view of the individual students in terms of who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are and their academic ability up to this point.

The signing off of the SET Plan will take place during an interview with all parties of the SET Plan process on Monday 16th July, which is Travel Day Term 3.  Parents will be asked to book an interview time using the on-line booking system on the College’s website during the holidays.  If you are unable to make an interview on this day, please phone the VET office on 07 46669851 after Monday 17th July to organise an alternate interview time or a phone interview.

Mr Peter Pickering – Careers Guidance Counsellor