Business is Booming

Term Two has been all about Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) in the Year 11 Business classroom (I can hear you all saying “how exciting!”).  Well, it all came to life last week when we ventured down to Stanthorpe for a visit to the Queensland College of Wine Tourism to see how they implement WH&S practices to ensure the safety of their staff.  While we weren’t able to sample the fruits of the College’s labour, students completed their WH&S audit in the working winery, commercial kitchen, laboratories and restaurant/function areas.  Students are now busily completing reports on their audit findings and developing a range of recommendations.

If you haven’t been to the College before, it’s a wonderful facility producing fabulous local wine and food and well worth a visit.  They were fantastic hosts and Year 11 Business thanks them for their time and enthusiasm in sharing their workplace practices.

Mrs Louise Ratcliffe – Business Teacher