Year 8s put SWOT into action!

You may have noticed the increase in flies since the warmer weather has arrived, however it was not these flies that the Year 8s were swatting last week.

Learning how to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis has been a key component of the Year 8 Business unit in Humanities this term and last Tuesday, 5 November, they were able to apply their newly learned skills to a “real” business.

Killarney Cooperative graciously agreed to have 50 of our Year 8 students descend on their business and keenly “pick” it to pieces by trying to work out what they were good at, where their weaknesses lay, as well as the potential opportunities and threats facing the business.  The General Manager, Marissa Costello and Chairman of the Board, Mr Andrew Petersen, were great hosts and eagerly shared their knowledge of the business’s operations.

The excursion also required students to do an audit of the businesses in Killarney to determine who the Co-Op’s competitors are.  Students were amazed that they were able to fill out two pages of businesses for such a small town!

Over the coming weeks, students, acting as business consultants, will analyse the data they’ve collected to determine what opportunities the Co-Op could take advantage of to improve their business even further.

Our thanks go out to the staff at Killarney Co-Operative for hosting us, as it is greatly beneficial for our students, to see business in action first hand.