Year 4 Pilots New Junior Leadership Programme

Mrs Bernie Bourke | Year 4 Teacher

This year, SCOTS PGC College has commenced a new experiential model to develop leadership skills in our Junior School students. Throughout 2019, every Year 4 student will be given the opportunity to spend one school term on the leadership team. The leadership team is made up of approximately 6-7 students who are given additional responsibilities around the College.

At the end of each term, students will then hand their badge onto a fellow student who will be part of the leadership team the next term. Here at SCOTS, we believe every student can benefit from being given opportunities to learn and further develop their skills working as part of a team, showing inclusiveness, initiative, responsibility and committing to the overall values and life of our College community.

We congratulate Colby Miller, Ben March, Thomas Crawford, Cody Baker, Clea Reid, Hannah Bourke and Shakira Hilton for the enthusiasm and dedication you have shown in your role as our first Leadership team for 2019.