Year 3 acquaints themselves with Aussie animals

Michelle Brown | Year 3 Teacher

Our Year 3 students are just finishing a term long project based around the study on an Australian animal.  We began the project during our Science module, where we investigated living and non-living things and then embarked on a research report which required our boys and girls to study and seek out further information using simple text as a starting point.  The students developed a list of dot points after comprehending the text, and then went on to expand their dot points into sentences and find pictures and other resources to support their research.

Our students have created a book around their chosen animal using their iPads and an app called ‘Book Creator’.  It has been wonderful to watch their projects develop to their final stages and see just how proud they all are of their completed animal research books.  Next week, the class will proudly read their books to some of our younger students.  This was a really fun unit where the class learned some of the foundation skills essential to research and reporting.

Well done Year 3!