Year 11 Urban Safari

When we think of outdoor education, a remote bush camp, hiking and canoeing is usually the first image that comes to mind.  Well, this year our Year 11 students had a complete change of scenery, exchanging trees and scrub for the hustle and bustle of the busy Brisbane CBD in the College’s first ever ‘Urban Safari’.

One of the fundamental objectives of an outdoor education experience is to provide an environment away from the College where students can learn more about themselves and each other.  Students learn how to work as part of team and discover what their strengths and weaknesses are when faced with different practical challenges.

The urban safari certainly delivered on all fronts.  Students threw themselves into every challenge with great enthusiasm.  The three days included a night-time climb of Brisbane’s Story Bridge and an urban centric version of the ‘Amazing Race’, where groups of students made their way around the city completing mini challenges and navigating their way to certain geographical checkpoints.  The final day included an ‘Escape Room’ experience which was voted by the group as their most favourite aspect of the trip.

All in all, our Year 11 students had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed their time together, bonding as a group.  Thank you to the supervising staff who accompanied our boys and girls and helped to make this a worthwhile experience.