Year 10 Drama

Katelyn Woodbine – Drama Teacher

This term in Year 10 Drama, our students have been exploring Indigenous and Verbatim Theatre. As a class, we have been discussing issues of importance in indigenous communities as well as indigenous history.

Students have read extracts from plays including Black Diggers, Stolen, Conversations with the Dead, Children of the Black Skirt and Today We’re Alive. Students have explored themes such as the Stolen Generation and discrimination. From these extracts, they have put together their own ‘Collage Theatre’ style performance in small groups.

Collage theatre has been a fitting method for students to explore and express these topics – it uses a variety of short scenes which are linked by a theme.  The scenes do not follow the traditional linear structure to tell a story, but rather make a statement about that theme.

The Year 10s are to be commended on the mature approach they have brought to such difficult topics.