Tomorrow Man and Woman Workshops

Complimentary to our whole College pastoral care programme, last Tuesday we welcomed five Melbourne-based presenters from the Tomorrow Man and Woman organisation to work alongside our senior students.  Students from Years 10-12 were captivated by the presenters who facilitated single gender workshops for some long, but incredibly intense and emotional sessions.  Feedback from every student has been remarkably insightful and invariably positive.

‘It opened my eyes to my own issues, but also made me appreciate how lucky I am in my home life and to have parents like I do’. – Year 10 Boy


‘It was incredibly moving and eye-opening, and has created a sort of bond between all the girls in our group’. Year 12 Girl


‘It made me see everyone has problems of one sort or another, and has really pulled our Year group closer together’. – Year 11 Boy


Some of our students and staff will recall our first visit of Tom Harkin, the Founder of the organisation, and Tom Bell, the senior facilitator, back in March 2017.  Their impact was immediate and immense, and if you would like to be reminded of how these sessions operate, try watching from the 35:00 mark until the 50:00-minute mark of the clip below, from the ABC Man Up TV series.

Our intention is to host Tomorrow Man and Woman sessions again later in the year, such is their incredible powers in providing unique well-being support for our youngsters at a critical time in their lives.