Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman

We are looking forward to welcoming some special guest speakers to the College next Tuesday.  ‘Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman’ will be spending time with every boy and girl in Years 10-12 to discuss a range of topics that are aligned within the College’s pastoral care programme.

Experienced, Melbourne-based facilitators will work with single-gender groups from Year 10-12, building on a foundation laid by Tom Harkin, founder of Tomorrow Man and well known from the 2016 ABC TV series, ‘Man Up’, and his associate, Tom Bell, when they first visited the College in March 2017.

The organisation delivers workshops in schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and communities, Australia wide, inviting their participants to deconstruct and rewrite the codes that hold us back from who we really are.

Tomorrow Man’s aim is to disrupt an old-school male stereotype of masculinity and grow resilience, self-confidence and peer support.  The Tomorrow Woman’s facilitators aim to create spaces that enable and support women to cultivate and practice their voice so that they feel ready and able to express themselves in a way that is true to character in various situations.  The facilitators will teach our boys and girls to live their own version of a man or woman of tomorrow –  free from external pressures and internal limitations of old and new expectations and stereotypes.

All students in Year 10-12 will be involved in a workshop at some point on Tuesday, 19 February. While of course there will be some disruption to their lessons that day, the impact of these explorations of self and peers has benefits that are far-reaching, and potentially life-changing in a remarkably positive way.