The Colour Run is Almost Here!

The Colour Run is nearly here! It will be held on the following dates (after the Athletics carnival on each day).

Thursday 10 June – Prep to Year 7

Thursday 17 June – Year 7 to Year 12

A change of clothes!

Like last year, it is recommended students bring along a change of clothes. A white shirt is suggested so as to enjoy the psychedelic colour that the students will be quickly wearing. The powder is made from non-toxic food colouring, so it can stain.

This is a P&F fundraising event and you can fundraise for another few weeks before it closes.  For those students who raised $10 or more you can order your prizes from 24 June to 2 July.  So far we have 52 students registered for the fundraising and 30 students actually raising money online.  If you are not raising money online you will need to let me know so it can be collected and ordered your prize.  It is certainly not too late to register and start fundraising and of course, the money raised will go to initiatives that support the students and school.  It would be fantastic if we could get another 30 students to fundraise – the link below will take you to the site to register and start fundraising.

Below are the top 5 fundraisers so far – congratulations!