Tasty Treats – selling throughout Week 8-10

Do you have the craving for some delicious treats? Why not order some Brownies, Rocky Road or Caramel fudge? 5 pieces for just $3.50.

Using the order form attached, write your name, year level and selected amount of product and submit the form and money (in an envelope) to Mrs Hobbs or one of our members (Hanaka Parker, Bryce Zerner, Alexis Zerner, Luke Stephenson and Alex Naughten) by 3pm Friday each week to receive your Tasty Treats on the following Monday!

If you can’t print the order forms come visit us down in front of the LRC to collect a printed copy on Mondays and Tuesdays at Morning Tea or Lunch time.

Tasty Treats is a business that was formed in Year 9 and 10 Business and Economics as a part of this term’s topic: Run your own business. We will be operating from Week 8 until Week 10 Monday. If you would like some of our treats, please submit your form by 3pm Friday Week 9 (9/9/2020) as ordering closes that afternoon! If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to contact any of our members via email or SEQTA direct messages.

Thank you!