Supporting our Mental Health

Mr Nigel Sullivan | College Counsellor

As social distancing has become the new norm of our day-to-day lives, the impact on our mental well-being can begin to have an accumulative effect. Different personality types will invariably be affected to different degrees, but no one is immune from the trauma of witnessing the collective suffering of humanity at this point in history.

Some of our naturally protective factors, such as time with friends and well-established daily routines have also been disrupted. It is normal to be struggling with the current rate of change and its associated unknowns and for our moods to be fluctuating in response. At what point does this variability indicate the possible need for intervention?  If you are able to lift a low mood with deliberate actions like taking a walk or calling a friend then you are successfully self-regulating.

However, if you continue to feel low despite your best efforts, then maybe it’s time to reach out and seek more formal support through counselling services. Our current situation will eventually become a page in history, but the personal nature of that story can be a happier one if you actively seek the help you need. Both Rev Willie and I are available for online meetings, just a SEQTA or Teams message away and there are the usual support lines of Lifeline, Beyond Blue and Kids Helpline.

Take care of yourself.