Shark Tank comes to Year 7 Humanities

Our Year 7 Humanities classes have this week pitched to our very own SCOTS sharks (AKA Ms Woodgate and Mr Thompson), in a bid to secure investment to launch their virtual businesses.

Our students put their heads together in small groups to come up with an original concept for a new business.  The project required them to evaluate the market, investigate and understand the costs involved to manufacture and sell their product in a real world setting.

Sales pitches were delivered to our in house sharks and the wider class which required the students to convince their audience why their business concept was worthy of investment.  They had to think quickly on their feet to respond to in depth questioning and be creative in their delivery.

From all accounts, the project has been a lot of fun and an opportunity for our boys and girls to approach the unit in an engaging, hands-on way. Humanities teacher, Mrs Stephenson, was very impressed with some of the creative and original ideas presented this week – both Year 7 classes were enthusiastic and really embraced the opportunity to explore ideas and work together.

Perhaps the Year 7 class may even end up pitching to the real sharks on Channel 10… who knows!?

Congratulations Year 7 – keep up the brilliant work!