Setting off for the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a special place for SCOTS PGC.  You may recall that last year a group of students and staff toured the remote village of Baesango in the experienced company of the McCarthy family, who have a long standing connection with the Solomon Islands and their people.  After returning from the initial trip and reflecting on how great the total experience was, the College decided to extend an invitation to a wider group of students to share the same experience.

This week a group of fifteen students from Years 10, 11 and 12 set off for the Solomon Islands for the cultural immersion experience of a lifetime.  These students will have the opportunity to see firsthand what ‘village life’ is truly like.  They will be sleeping in grass huts, eating from the land and living without the creature comforts they may take for granted at home in Australia.

Our SCOTS PGC group will spend each day with students from the One One School in the village of Baesango.  This will be drastically different to a normal day here at the College.  Our students have taken ‘care packages’ for each of the island boys and girls.  The packages contain school supplies (books, pens and pencils) and other luxury items that we take for granted as everyday necessities.

We can’t wait to hear all about the experience our students will have and look forward to sharing these stories with our community when they return.