Senior Drama welcomes the Noosa Film Academy

Katelyn Woodbine | Drama Teacher

On Wednesday, Drama students from Years 10 to 12 were lucky enough to host Greg Huglin, an Academy award winning cinematographer and his wife Andrea here at the College.

The students welcomed our guests with open (socially distanced) arms and began work on a short film. Working with the existing storyboard, “The Umbrella,” the students put their own spin on a Mary Poppins inspired short film, which will be combined with other schools from around Queensland. Each student was invited to participate on screen or behind the camera, working together to learn the techniques behind professional film making. This opportunity was a great insight into the world of film and on-screen acting.  The final production screened at today’s Assembly.

Thank you to the Noosa Film Academy, Greg and Andrea for allowing the students to be a part of this project; each of the students were so grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, of which will be remembered by all.