SCOTS Kids skip for healthy heart awareness

In Term 3 students in Prep to Year 6 were invited to participate in the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ fundraising activity which involved skipping every day and raising funds and creating awareness about being active and preventing heart disease.

Heart Disease is still ranked as Australia’s number one cause of death – this occurs on average every 20 minutes in Australia. It is therefore really important that students understand from an early age that being active and eating healthy food are important to ensuring a healthy heart.

The students were greatly encouraged by their class teachers and in particular Mrs Brown who was very keen for her students to skip and learn some new tricks.

Towards the end of Term 3 we had a “Jump off day” which involved Prep to Year 5 skipping and completing various circuits with our Year 6 students stepping in as leaders, helping and guiding our younger students as they moved around the activities.

We were very lucky and also the only school in this area, to receive a special visit from the JRFH display team.  Better known as the ‘Arrows’, the display team are made up of students aged Year 3 to Year 6 from Sherwood State School in Brisbane, who performed a range of skipping tricks.  All our students and staff were completely ‘taken aback’ by the skill and tricks they carried out and very appreciative of their visit.

The school raised almost $2,500 over a six-week period and a number of students excelled in raising money for the organisation. These were:



Eliza Geragthy $37.74
  Charlie Ure $242.77
Year 1 Alayna Jones


  Stephanie McCosker


Year 2 Jane Bazley $500.98
  Ella Hutchison $301.29
  Charlie McCosker


  Treshawne Achari


Year 3 Abigail Geragthy


  Brock Tozer


Year 4 Hamish Bayley


  Hannah Bourke


  Innes Nowlan


  Tia Stewart $77.38
  Thomas Worboys $451.18
Year 5 James Bourke $43.64

Congratulations to all the above students but also to everyone who skipped and promoted the initiative.