SCOTS Host Southern Downs Youth Council Meeting

Main Image: Student members of the Southern Downs Youth Council with the Mayor, Tracy Dobie

The meeting held at the Bandy Theatre started off with a quick and fun tour lead by Mr Thompson. The student members were most impressed with the Dining Hall and thought it is a great place to gather and have lunch together.

During the SDYC meeting Holly proposed to introduce a way to form stronger connections between our regions High Schools and Primary schools and discussed ideas with other members of the SDYC to build strong bonds between older students and younger students in the community.

Other matters on the agenda ranged from Aged Care Facilities, ideas to attract tourism and youth and sustainable practices to combat climate change. Students also participated in the drought update and available support and the devastating impact the current drought is having on our region and community.

Each student also received a shower timer which are designed to reduce consumption of water through awareness of the length of showers. The shower timers are free and available at Southern Downs Regional Council.

The next Youth Council meeting will be held on 17 October 2019.

Holly Naughten holding a shower timer.