SCOTS Connect – Sunset Photo Competition

Above: The joint winning photo from Samantha McKechnie – Year 11

The SCOTS Connect program launched its first competition this week, inviting all students to take part in sharing their ‘best sunset photo’.  The entries have been outstanding which posed a difficult choice for Mr Thompson to award an overall winner.

Congratulations to all the students who entered.  Mr Thompson could not decide a clear winner this week, so he’s awarded both Samantha McKechnie in Year 11 and Lachlan Woods in Year 8 as joint champions.  Samantha and Lachlan will receive a special prize in the post next week.

Our SCOTS Connect program has proven already to be a wonderful way to keep our students engaged and connected with one another and also with their teachers.   Students and families are reminded to check out the SCOTS Connect activity schedule to see what’s happening each afternoon.

A new competition will be launched at the beginning of each week during Tutor time in the morning.

Lachlan Woods – Year 8 (tied winner)

Hayden Coleman – Year 12

Buchanan Titus – Year 12

Claudia Barton – Year 8

Eliana Amos – Year 7

Sophie Brennan – Year 9

Lewis May – Year 8

Maddie Bayley – Prep

Stevie Collins – Year 8

Peter McFarland – Year 10

Luke Stephenson – Year 9

Bryce Zerner – Year 9

Steph McCosker – Year 2

Erin Keogh – Year 10