Reporting 2019

Mark Richards | Director of Learning and Innovation

With the implementation of the new QCE system, we have reviewed the way we report on student progress.  As previously communicated, you will notice a few changes this year (some of which were implemented already in Term 1).  Reporting frequency and layout is now a little different.

For Pastoral Care reports, we have reviewed the ‘affectives’ to provide better feedback on student attitude and behaviour which are aligned with our five values of spirit, tenacity, authenticity, excellence and respect. 

For the Academic reports, we will retain the original ‘affectives’, which rates student performance against a range of academic attitudes and behaviours.  The decision to remain with the original affective measuring system is a result of feedback received from staff, students and parents.

You will receive an Academic report and, if relevant, a boarding report in Week 2 of next term.  This shift in the timeline is to allow for the College to put assessment in the last week of the semester and to allow for parents and carers to have the opportunity to discuss reports with staff promptly.

The outline for reporting in 2019 is below:

Term 1: Pastoral Care report and Parent-Teacher interviews on the last day of term (Friday 5 April)

Term 2: Full Academic and Boarding report

Term 3: Pastoral Care report and Parent-Teacher interviews on the last day of term (Friday 20 September)

Term 4: Full Academic and Boarding report

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the College

SET Plan Interviews

If you are a parent of a Year 10 student you will, over the holidays, receive a letter outlining the SET Plan interviews that will be held on Travel Day, Monday 15 July, and the Year 11 lines for 2020.  These interviews are an important step for students to think about their future and the subject choices for Year 11.  Similar to last year, in the last four weeks of Term Four the Year 10 students will transition into Year 11 classes.   In the new QCE system choosing the right subject early is vital as there is less scope for changing subjects.