Reflections on this term

After a very different term, we have asked a few of our students to reflect on their experiences in Learning from Home and on their return to school. Their honesty is refreshing and a reflection of the tenacity of the young people we are working with. From their perspective, they speak to the challenges of last term, the things they missed whilst being at home, a few benefits they observed, and some of the changes still in effect as they returned to school. Our students again show their character, their good humour and their ability to meet challenges head on. This is why they will achieve great things!

This term has been a different term for all of us. We had to adapt to unusual situations. These times where challenging for all but together we got through it. Online learning was an unforgettable experience. It was difficult to find the motivation without my friends motivating me. This time has really made me appreciate the help from my teachers. Since we have been back, it has been great to reconnect with all of our friends and teachers and to get back to normal.

By Isabelle Twidale Year 8


Working at home was hard because we did not have a teacher to teach us face to face. It was good because we could do it as fast as we wanted. It was also hard because my internet kept on dropping in and out.  I think coming back to school was good because I could see all my friends. But it was different because we don’t get to go to the Dining Hall. We have to go up to Junior School to eat our lunch and play there for most of play. We have to sanitise every time we come in from play and our desks are spaced far apart.

By Cody Baker Year 5


I really didn’t like home school because all of my friends were at school having fun and I was all alone. Before we went into quarantine everyone was excited to have no school work but when we were half way into the first week everyone wanted to go back to school and see their friends. I was so excited when we came back to school I could finally see my friends. It is still pretty weird at school because all the desks are spread out and we have to hand sanitise regularly!

By Hannah Bourke Year 5


It was really hard working from home. It was all of the meetings we had to go to and getting there on time was my problem. l got used to it but it was hard because our teacher would not be able to explain it as well as if we were at school. The thing l missed the most about school was my friends. Sometimes we would text online but that was probably the hardest thing l had to do in my whole life. When we got back to school it was pretty weird. l mean a lot happened since we were at school when we were in own classrooms we could not sit near anyone.  All the desks had to be moved far away. We could not go to the Dining Hall like we used to. We also have to go up to the Junior School. It just did not feel like we were at school at all. It was hard a bit when we got to school. This term felt really long even when we were at home.

By Hayley Wainwright Year 5