Pumping up the Music

We are very excited to share our plan to implement a reinvigorated and expanded music programme for 2019.

Students from every year level will now have the opportunity to be involved in the programme which will take shape in many forms.  Commencing this term, we have initiated:

  • Music every day in Prep with Mrs Whittaker
  • Instrumental strings programme for Year 4
  • Instrumental brass and woodwind programme for Year 5
  • The opportunity to be part of the mixed or string ensembles for Years 3-12 through the co-curricular activities programme
  • The opportunity to have individual lessons from specialist teachers

In addition to the above mentioned offering, music will be offered as part of the regular curriculum at all year levels through to Year 10.  This initiative comes with many benefits as reported by The Educator magazine:

“A growing body of research shows that music education not only improves student wellbeing but can boost their academic outcomes as well.

Longer attention span, emotional stability, resilience and cognitive capacity are just a few of the outcomes realised from students who learn to play an instrument and actively engage in this type of education.”

The introduction of the new music programme demonstrates our commitment to continually improve the learning experiences for our students and inspire them to be their best.

Please come along to our Prep – Year 6 “Meet the Teacher” night next Tuesday 5 February at 6pm.  Mrs Wendy Whittaker will share more detailed information in this forum and parents will have the opportunity learn and ask questions about the musical opportunities of offer.