Possum Magic was Magical

Mrs Shell Campbell | Year 1 Teacher

On Tuesday 6 August, our beautiful Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students travelled to the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba to view the Mem Fox classic, ‘Possum Magic’.  We all had a wonderful time and our students enjoyed having lunch at Queens Park as well.  Our Year One students wrote about their wondrous Possum Magic adventure….

Poss and Hush lived in Australia. Hush wanted to be visible again, so she had to eat people food. She ate pavlova, vegemite sandwiches and lamingtons. They had to visit all of the capitals of Australia.  I liked when they went to the Sydney Harbour for the Count Down and when they went to Brisbane and Hobart and Darwin and Perth.   (Steph)

I went in a bus to Toowoomba. It felt like 1000000 years. We went to the Empire Theatre and there was a police station next to the theatre. When we were going, our total group took over lots of seats.  They were so soft. My favourite character was the snake. I went on a roundabout at the park. I pushed and I rode it too. (Lewis)

We went to Queens Park, but before that Hus was funny. I don’t know how they opened up the spell book without touching it! It was magical! (Alayna)

On Tuesday we went to Toowoomba to see Possum Magic. The possum used magic. I sat next to Lewis and Hope. The seat felt like a pillow. I liked the costumes. I liked the flames that went up. They went all around Australia. It was fun because we walked so far. I saw a police station too. The characters had a spell book. They also had a bike. It was a good bike. We went on a bus. Lucas talked to me. I fell asleep on the bus. It was fun! (Hunter)

We went on a big bus to Toowoomba. We went to the Empire Theatre. There were red velvet seats. They were fluffy seats. They were very good seats. Grandma Poss turned Hush invisible. They went to Hobart, Darwin, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Hush had to eat people food. The snake went ssssssssssssssss. It was scary. He did not catch her. (Franky)