Pipers perform at UC Spring Fair

Our pipers and drummers made their annual pilgrimage to the Uniting Church Spring Fair Warwick last Saturday.

The event is an opportunity for our new members to perform in front of an audience which helps to grow confidence in preparation for larger performances.

Sandy piped outside as guests arrived then our chanter players played inside the church. Our members went through some note recognition, scales and played Amazing Grace as an ensemble for the appreciative gathering. In between playing, some of our boys and girls spoke to the audience on their experiences within the Pipes and Drums which was supported with snippets of history on the Pipes and Drums and Scottish culture.

Chanter players from left to right above: Timothy Amos (Year 3), Shya-Rose Thompson (Year 3), Nathanael Amos (Year 4), Thomas Crawford (Year 4), Angus Brown (Year 6), Myles Burgess (Year 7) and Sophia Pettiford (Year 3).