Pi Day

Angela Brittain | Head of Mathematics and STEM Departments

March 13 (3.14) is known as PI day across the world, but as it fell on Saturday this year we celebrated PI (minus 1) Day on Friday March 12.

At the start of the day MS and SS tutors groups were given a PI word challenge – How many words beginning with ‘pi’ can you name? Ms Woodbine’s Year 12 Tutor won with a staggering 58 words!

At morning tea students in the MS were invited to participate in a HULA PI competition. Students strutted their stuff by walking a line and doing a hula hoop at the same time. Then the challenge was – How many hoops can you hula? Some students were quite talented while others were very entertaining!

Lunchtime brought the famous PI pies. A massive THANK YOU to the catering staff who made special pastry to put the symbol pi on every homemade pie!

It was a fun day with a Mathematical flavour. A great way to end the week.