P&F Update

P&F Meeting 19 July – Cancelled

The July P&F meeting has been cancelled.  Quite a few people from the P&F Committee have other school commitments so the next meeting will now be in August.  Hope to see you then.


Colour Run – Prep to Year 7 (Change of Clothes)

The final colour run day will held next week (22 July).  It is recommended that students bring along a change of clothes and a white shirt is suggested so as to enjoy the bright colour that the students will be quickly wearing. The powder is made from nontoxic food colouring, so it can stain.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the fundraising, which closed on 2 July.  A total of $5,309.87 was raised and the highest fundraising class was Year 3 – congratulations to that class and all other students.