Pastoral Care Programme Update

Our whole College pastoral care programme continues each and every Tuesday.  Students and teachers are participating in a raft of different activities and a variety of learning experiences.  To highlight what we have been learning in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, here’s a brief outline on the content topics for some of our classes:

Year 3 – Cyber safety on safer internet day, character strengths and building resilience.

Year 5 – Cyber safety – what is it? Identifying their own character strengths and areas to improve.

Year 7 – Cyber safety, organisation expectations and an introduction to bullying and student rights.

Year 9 – The infamous marshmallow test –

Year 10 – Personality traits, eSafety and SET planning.

This is just a snippet of what occurs in the pastoral care lessons each week. Please make a point of asking your children what they are learning about each week.   An outline of our complete programme content is available online on our website at:  and under handbooks and programmes.

An integral part of our pastoral care programme is a world first wellbeing resource ‘SchoolTV’.  This is specially designed to assist parents and teachers as a tool to help guide your children through issues we are faced with in a range of subject areas.

A walk through on how to navigate SchoolTV was highlighted at a recent parent information session. This resource is available for you on the SEQTA splash page. If you were unable to make the information session and would like to know more about SchoolTV, please contact either Mr Simon Edgar or Mr David Proudlove.