New Leaders Inducted

We commenced our return to the 2019 school year with our annual Prefect Induction ceremony on Wednesday.  With our entire College in attendance, our new leaders pledged their commitment to fulfill their leadership roles with pride and integrity.

Whilst our Prefects have been appointed with a specific leadership portfolio or position, the Induction ceremony was an opportunity to remind our entire senior cohort that they are all leaders in their own right, with the younger student body looking to each of them as daily role models.

With the help of our senior students, our Prefects intend to unify and further strengthen the spirit within SCOTS PGC and with 2019 as the final year of the College Centenary celebrations; ‘Unity’ is a virtue that couldn’t be more befitting.

We are proud to present and support our 2019 College Prefects.

Best of luck for the year ahead!

College Captains:                                           Samuel Proudlove & Emily Rhodes

Boys Boarding Captain:                                Cameron McNair

Girls Boarding Captain:                                Jessica Brierley

Cameron Clan Prefect:                                  Jonathon Winter

Leslie Clan Prefect:                                        Lesego Liebenberg

Mackay Clan Prefect:                                     Rose Dearden

Macinnes Clan Prefect:                                 Amelia Meek

Academic Prefect:                                         Amelia Spriggs

College Spirit Prefect:                                   Georgia Johnson

Events and Cultural Prefect:                        Timothy Lang

JAM Prefects:                                                 Chase Naylor & Eve King

Publicity Prefect:                                           Hannah Thomas

Social Justice/Student Council Prefect:       Bridie Shooter

Spiritual Life Prefect:                                    Siobhan McEvoy

VET Prefect:                                                   Bridget Christensen