National Reconciliation Week | 27 May – 3 June

National Reconciliation Week is a special time on the nation’s calendar to learn about our shared history, cultures and achievements. It’s also a time to discuss and explore how we can all work towards achieving reconciliation and a better Australia.

Throughout National Reconciliation Week, our students reflected on what some of the reconciliation concepts mean to them. After brainstorming their ideas, they said:

“We all play a role when it comes to reconciliation and building relationships – whether they be in our local community, school community or our own indigenous communities. Everyone should work together to take care of this country”.

Unfortunately, some of our students from remote indigenous communities have not had the opportunity to return to the College and missed recognising NRW with their school mates.  However, we were very fortunate to welcome Nelson Madua, a new indigenous student who joined our Year 9 class last week.

Nelson is a full time boarding student from Mareeba in far north Queensland.  Nelson has already settled well into College life and is enjoying making new friends.  He is looking forward to the return of school sporting activities.  His older sister, Kaysan Miles is already here at the College in Year 10.

Welcome Nelson!