Monster Veggies in Year 9 Ag

Year 9 students have done a great job on their vegetable gardens this semester after completing the highly anticipated ‘Monster Vegetable’ unit in Year 9 Agricultural Science.   Students have learned how plants work and what they need in order to grow properly.  The practical side of the unit allows them to put their knowledge into practice and grow their own monster veggies.

At the beginning of the semester, students set out in small groups to prepare their vegetable patches in the Ag plot next to the gym.  They evaluated the various types of irrigation systems used in large scale agriculture to determine what would work best in their own scenarios.  Their preparation also involved assessing macro and micro nutrients within the soil to later determine what would work best to fertilise and nourish their vegetable plants.

The competition aspect of this unit was hugely popular and this week, Mr Collett judged each garden to award winners for the ‘best looking garden’ and the ‘biggest monster vegetable’.

Congratulations to Ben Carey, Lachlan Woods and Slava Cheredov who were the winning group with the best looking garden and Molly-Rose Sinclair, Tyler Caldwell and Ben Cameron who had the biggest marrow. It weighed a whopping 3.2 kg!