Maintaining Momentum After a Sizzling Start

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

As we enter our fourth week of the new school year, I hope everyone is settling into their new routine. As the first few weeks of school can be frantic, it is important to maintain momentum and stay on track towards achieving our goals. Here are some tips to help you continue your success throughout the school year and importantly, maintain momentum.

First and foremost, prioritise self-care. Maintaining a healthy balance of physical, emotional, and mental health is crucial to staying focused and motivated both at school and beyond. Make sure to prioritise regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. Without these three, success at school becomes even more challenging.

Next, set achievable goals and create a study plan. By setting realistic goals, you can track your progress and stay motivated throughout the year. Make sure that your schedule contains a balance of academic and co-curricular activities and stick to it. It is important to remain committed to the activity you have signed up for.  When you miss training and games, it impacts everyone else on the team who relies on you and the coach.  Co-Curricular activities teach us so many valuable lessons; one of which is committing to the team and every member of it.

It is also important to stay organised. Keep a planner or calendar to keep track of important dates, deadlines, and assignments. Stay on top of your schoolwork by completing assignments as soon as possible, and do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your rough copies should be your very best effort before receiving teacher feedback; not just an attempt to meet a deadline through an effort which does not reflect your true capabilities.

Lastly, stay connected with your peers and teachers. Building a positive relationship with your classmates and teachers can not only help you academically, but it can also enhance your overall school experience. Remember the ‘Who is on your team?’ challenge.  Participate in class discussions, join sports and activities, and do not be afraid to seek help from teachers or classmates when you need it.

Finally, maintaining momentum after the first few weeks of school can be challenging, but with the right mindset, focus, and planning, you can achieve your goals and really enjoy the school year. Remember to prioritise self-care, set achievable goals, stay organised, and stay connected with your friends and teachers. SCOTS PGC has so many wonderful opportunities for you to grasp, you just need to reach out and grab them.