Junior School Pastoral Care

Simon Edgar | Head of Junior and Middle School

Pastoral care within SCOTS PGC is an all-encompassing programme and provides opportunities for our educators to connect and learn more about our boys and girls from a wellbeing perspective, whilst teaching our students the fundamentals to cope with and address issues they face in a positive way.

Last Friday our whole College recognised the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  In the lead up to this day, our Junior School students were engaged in a variety of activities relating to bullying, feeling safe and supported and how they can be a good friend.

Our Year 2 students read picture stories together to learn to notice and understand the emotions of others. Understanding how to read emotional ‘clues’ to get a sense of how other people are feeling and responding to them allows children to relate appropriately to others. An activity to support the lesson involved students creating their own ‘emojis’ to show various feelings such as happy, worried, sad and calm.

Year 3 and 4 students participated in activities about how they can feel safe and ways to support other students who all have the right to feel safe and supported at school.

Our College pastoral care programme comprehensively covers a range of subject areas that apply to students from Prep right through to Year 12.  The programme is available on our website at: http://scotspgc.com.au/publications/  and under handbooks and programmes.

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