Jump Rope for Heart

Brooke Dwan | Junior HPE Teacher

Week 2 – Jump Rope for Heart 

I am pleased to see many of our Junior School students have registered for the Jump Rope for heart program.  As a school we have already raised $900 and logged a total of 5 hours of skipping.  That’s amazing.  Keep up the good work.

Each week I will share a weekly skipping challenge on SCOTS Connect. This week I challenge students to master the ‘Skier’. Watch this video and see if you can master this fun skipping trick”.  Parents, feel free to have a go with your kids!

It is not too late to register.  Create your own secure Jump Rope for Heart webpage at jumprope.org.au/parents. By signing up online, you and your child can:

  • Easily raise funds online
  • Track skipping skills progress and earn virtual badges along the way
  • Post updates to your page so family and friends can follow their progress
  • Access additional skipping resources

Updates will be posted throughout the term on SCOTS Connect.