Industry Insights

Mrs Louise Ratcliffe | Business Teacher

Year 11 Business students benefitted from the insights of Ironside Industry owner, Diba Heinrich, this week, as they prepared to tackle their research task on start-up businesses.  Textbooks and teacher input are great, but actually hearing from a business owner that the concepts and theories they’re learning about in class do actually relate to the real world, is an invaluable learning experience for our students.

Over the coming weeks they will apply their learnings on financing a new business and human resource practices to their assignments, creating budgets, conducting break-even analysis and determining how important it is to employ the right staff.

You can help too!  The class has developed a survey about gym membership in Warwick and would greatly appreciate it if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete one of the surveys below.  Thanks in advance for your time!

Our sincerest thanks to Diba at Ironside for taking time out of her busy schedule to show the students around her fantastic new gym and talking to them about what’s involved in starting up a business.