Honouring our ANZACS

As a College community, the commemoration of ANZAC Day is quite possibly the most revered and highly regarded event that takes place on our calendar each year.  Unfortunately, due to the current COVID 19 restrictions, our annual Dawn service had to be cancelled.  However, in true SCOTS PGC style, this year our College has devised a creative way to respectfully honour our ANZACs whilst managing to keep within the confines of the new social distancing rules.

On ANZAC Day, our College will honour and remember the life of David L Crichton, one of the College’s Magnificent 42.  A small group of our senior students were able to carry out the SCOTS PGC College tradition of commemorating ANZAC Day to remember Mr Crichton and the forty-one other fallen servicemen that were all past students of the College.  Please keep an eye on the SCOTS PGC Facebook page tomorrow (ANZAC Day) to see this year’s special tribute.

ANZAC Day activities have been the order of the week across the College and amongst our virtual learning from home spaces.  Our entire student body has been engaged in making ANZAC biscuits and other baked treats amongst painting poppies and wreath making.  Our Learning Resource Centre foyer features Mrs Peterson’s top war story reads amid a wall of colourful red paper poppies.

Although our students are spread far and wide this year, our ANZAC spirit is still well and truly alive and representative of the very tight knit community that is SCOTS PGC.

Please don’t forget to show your support tomorrow morning at 6am as we gather in our front yards to remember our ANZACs.  Students are encouraged to wear their school uniform, hold a candle and share a photo with Mrs Bohm.