Hello from Girls Boarding

Mrs Chemane Fairleigh | Head of Girls Boarding

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome back to all boarding families, in particular Molly Rose and her family who have joined us from the Condamine area.

I hope that you all have enjoyed a lovely mid-semester break and are feeling secure in the knowledge that your daughters are back at Glenbrae, where life is getting back to a ‘new normal’.

The boarding house has undergone some paint work in Dean Butcher building where the bedroom doors have been transformed from the brown/taupe colour they have been for the past 20 years to a more vibrant and colourful multicoloured pallet of pastel colours.  Although some of the Junior boarders have likened the area to that of a children’s hospital or crèche, I remain as confident as ever that the finished product up there will reflect the many young, cheeky personalities we have residing in the area!

This semester we welcome back Mrs Hart to the boarding staff rotation and in a few weeks, we will be joined by our new Gap Tutor, Taylor Gilbert, from South Africa.

All in all – it has been a very busy but rewarding start to Term Three.  I look forward to the adventure that lies ahead