Hawkins House | Senior Boys Boarding

Ronan Crotty | Boarding Captain

“We must live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.” This quote personifies how the boarding house is banded together. Boarders go through extra experiences that day students do not, living with a group of strangers and homesickness. These are experiences that only a boarder could tell you about, and that is why the boarding house is so tight knit, we all go through experiences that are unique to boarders, only boarders can empathise with boarders. As the boarding house grows, so do the unique experiences that each boarder brings, which also brings a unique set of challenges for each person in boarding. Every boarder has faced challenges similar to any other boarder. So, they understand and are mindful of what each boarder is going through.

Boarding this year has started off well, all the senior and junior boy boarders have settled in and are ready for a great 2020. We are ready to face all of the challenges that 2020 will bring. With the help of the boarding staff, 2020 is shaping up to be a great one for all the boarders, both boys and girls.

So far at the events boarders have provided the school spirit, that’s Scots has always been known for. A prime example of this was the basketball on Friday nights. The boarders were the life of the crowd, getting hyped after every play and from being on the court, I can definitely say the support helped.

All in all, I think I can say on behalf of all boarders that we are all excited for 2020. Whether it’s because you’re a senior this year and are excited about graduating, or whether your excited as a boarder for all the opportunities that SCOTS provides, be sure to take the vast amount of opportunities that are on offer.