From the Senior School

It was great to be able to acknowledge the academic excellence of our senior students at a special Academic Awards Assembly last Friday, where students were recognised for their outstanding efforts and the results they achieved for Semester 2, 2021.

Congratulations to these award winners:

Academic Merit AwardYear LevelAcademic Excellence AwardYear Level
Holly Densley8Stevie Collins8
April Ries8Phoebe Sellick8
Lucy Unwin8William Angus8
Mackenzie Taylor8Eliana Amos8
Eliza Hartfiel8Neve Kruger 8
Adam Brennan9Ellyse Kruger8
Myles Burgess9Heather Cox8
Lachlan Tweddell9Connie-Anne Sue Tin8
Isabelle Twidale9Briana Groves8
Georgina Bucan9Anna Brown8
Darcy Noller9Maggie Myer9
Amy Morris9Benjamin Carey9
Sophie Brennan10Sarah Mauch9
Georgie Cavanaugh10Lauren McAdam9
Bryce Zerner10Lucy Phillips9
Alivia Sharples10Alexis Casey10
Alana Gray10Bridget Hardy10
Jessica Angus10William Auger10
Sophie Poole10Alexis Zerner10
Luke Stephenson10Eliana Jones11
Ala Frankcom11Hannah Myer11
Julianna Cox11William Gilmore12
Niamh Fender11Dhanyil Jackson12
Mia Benson11
Faithe Repo
Kirra-Louise Kuhn12
Madison Kane12
Elliot Plummer12
Ewan McFarland12