From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

Careers’ Night

Our Annual Careers’ Evening took place on Monday the 10 July, providing our students with a terrific opportunity to hear from a variety of professionals, their journeys in reaching their current standing and importantly, the chance to meet with them and ask questions at the end of the evening. The event proved to be an incredibly valuable experience for our students and brought together a diverse range of industry experts in the form of parents, past students and eager current students seeking guidance and inspiration for their future careers.

The objective of Careers’ Night was to expose our students to a myriad of career options, providing them with the opportunity to explore different fields and gain insights from professionals actively working in those industries. We believe that by fostering these connections and exposing students to a variety of career pathways, we empower them to make informed decisions about their future endeavours.

The evening saw our guests introduced to the audience before being interviewed by our Senior Leaders. This was also an opportunity for our Year 12’s to continue to develop their own confidence in speaking publicly. The interviews covered a wide range of topics, such as emerging trends, skill requirements, and work-life balance, enabling our students to make more informed decisions about their future paths.

The range of professionals present at Careers’ Night was truly impressive. From the fields of Medicine, Agribusiness, Agricultural Law Enforcement, Construction, Diesel Mechanics, Boiler making, and small business Entrepreneurship, students had the opportunity to engage with individuals from an array of disciplines. Past students from the College also made a significant contribution by sharing their journeys and providing valuable advice based on their own experiences since graduating.

At the conclusion of the evening, students were able to ask thought-provoking questions and gain first-hand knowledge about the day-to-day realities of various careers. In addition to the information shared, Careers’ Night provided an excellent platform for networking. Students had the chance to build connections with professionals who shared similar interests or aspirations, fostering relationships, and potential work experience opportunities that may prove invaluable in the future. These connections have the potential to provide mentorship, internship opportunities, and even future employment prospects.

I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the professionals; our parents and past students who dedicated their time and effort to make Careers’ Night such a success. Their contributions were truly invaluable, and their passion for sharing their knowledge and experiences left an indelible impact on our students.

As I reflect on the evening, I encourage the students to continue exploring their interests, seeking guidance, and pursuing their passions. Remember that career paths are rarely linear, and it is never too early or too late to switch directions or discover new fields of interest.

Once again, I extend my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in making Careers’ Night such a remarkable event. Together, we are building a stronger foundation for our student’s future success.

STEM students to showcase ‘A night of Light Jazz’

Jumpers and Jazz has officially kicked off and we can’t wait to see our STEM students’ creativity come to life with their annual light show – ‘A night of Light Jazz’. Under the expert guidance of our Head of STEM, Miss Angela Brittain, our students have designed a complete light show which is choreographed to popular jazz tunes.

This year they’ll be set up at the Middle School campus from Thursday 20 July through to Saturday 22 July.  The lights will come on from 6.30pm.  Our Hospitality students will be on site with hot drinks to sip as you take in the evening’s sights.  We hope to see you there!