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Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

The Taming of the Shrew: A Triumph of Talent and Wit

Greetings, theatre enthusiasts and supporters of the arts! On the 2 and 3 June, the College is performing William Shakespeare’s timeless comedy, The Taming of the Shrew which will see the School Assembly Hall come alive as students take the stage and transport the audience to the vibrant world of Padua, where the battle of the sexes unfolds with an abundance of laughter and wit.

Under the guidance of our passionate and dedicated drama teacher, Ms Woodbine and supported by Ms Cole, the Assistant Director, the cast and crew have spent months rehearsing, perfecting their lines, blocking scenes, and designing sets that truly capture the essence of Renaissance Italy.

Leading the charge are two talented actors who bring Katherine and Petruchio to life: Lelia Stiles and Lachlan Naghten. Katherine is both feisty and sharp-tongued with a fiery spirit but also vulnerability while Petruchio on the other hand, is both charismatic and persistent.

The chemistry between Lelia and Lachlan is electrifying, making their fiery exchanges and eventual transformation into a harmonious couple, all the more captivating. Their dynamic performances will leave the audience in stitches one moment and moved to tears the next, reminding us of the power of love and the transformative nature of relationships.

Of course, a production of this magnitude would not have been possible without the remarkable ensemble cast, who infused each scene with energy, humour, and depth. Other members of the cast include Eliana Amos as Bianca, the sweet and sought-after younger sister, and Abby Brown as Hortensio, a persistent suitor vying for her affections.

People often question the relevance of Shakespeare’s plays in today’s world, but the themes explored in this play are universal. The Taming of the Shrew prompts us to reflect on gender roles, power dynamics, and the nature of love, which will spark thought-provoking conversations among students, parents, and teachers alike. The ability of this timeless piece to resonate with modern audiences is a testament to the enduring genius of Shakespeare’s work.

It is through these transformative experiences in the arts that young minds are enriched, fostering creativity, empathy, and an appreciation for the complexities of the human experience. So come along to witness this shrew-tastic spectacle on the 2 & 3 of June.

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Zen Zen Zo Theatre Company 

Ms Katelyn Woodbine | Senior Drama Teacher

On Friday the 12 May, students in Years 10-12 Drama were lucky to have Stuart Nix from Zen Zen Zo Theatre Company at the College for a full-day workshop in Physical Theatre. Students participated in activities designed to enhance their performance skills with a focus on physically embodying characters.

Here’s what the students had to say after their full day of engaging with an industry professional:

“I enjoyed the practical activities that we completed. My favourite part was learning about the 7 levels of energy in association with Physical Theatre, in which we had to portray these 7 levels. This led us to walking around like zombies, to running around like headless chooks.” – Bridget Hardy

“I really enjoyed the presenter of the workshop, Stuart, his energy was unmatched and really helped push me out of my comfort zone. This pushed me to progress into the rest of my drama career with a better understanding of physical theatre and the elements of drama. I also really enjoyed the activities that were thrown our way, forcing me to think outside the box and really connect with my peers and surroundings, more than I usually would.” – Abby Brown