From the Senior School

Shining the spotlight on Humanities…

Mr Michael Keevers | Head of Faculty

One of the most enjoyable things as a Head of Faculty, is to be able to go into classrooms and observe the teaching and learning going in our Faculty. On any given day students are learning both content and skills across a vast array of topics, allowing the students to make connections with the world of the past, the present and the future. For example, this week Year 10 Humanities students were examining the factors leading up to The Holocaust during World War Two, whilst Year 6 were undertaking an examination of the three levels of government that operate in Australia. Year 12 Modern History spent a number of lessons comparing the situation in Ukraine with the legacy of the Cold War, whilst Years 9 and 10 Business looked at the foundations of a successful business. Year 12 Geography studied the challenges of rising sea levels in South Asia, while Year 7 Humanities researched Ancient Rome. This breadth of learning is fostered and reinforced across the Faculty.

The foundation of this learning is grounded on our staff, and I am pleased to welcome the following teachers to our Faculty. Mrs Suzanne Krause who joined us at the end of last year, and teaches both Year 9 and 10 Humanities and Civics. Mr Drew Stewart also has joined the Faculty, again teaching Year 9 and 10 Humanities. Finally, we welcome Mrs Leanne Francis who is working with our Year 7 and 8 classes.

The diversity of the curriculum combined with the efforts of our dedicated staff, exposes our students to a broad based liberal body of knowledge, culminating in an engaging learning environment. This combined with all the College has to offer, provides our students with an excellent school.

Careers Testing now complete!

Mrs Melissa Bellingham | VET Coordinator

Year 10 SET Planning is well under way with the students well into the Self-Discovery Phase of the process, where they identify their strengths and weakness and what goals they have already developed. In the coming weeks they will move onto the Investigative Phase where they learn more about their options by exploring jobs, education pathways, and subject offerings in Years 11 and 12. Students learn how to choose the subjects/courses which best fit in with their abilities and goals.

An important part of the Self-Discovery Phase is the Career Profile Testing. This has taken place over the past 2 weeks, where the entire Year 10 cohort have completed a series of career profiling tests with Dr Marian Kratzing from Career Avenues. Whilst it was exhausting for the students, the outcome of the tests will provide each individual with a fairly accurate picture of who they are as a person as far as their personality type goes, along with a number of industry areas and career options which would best suit them in the future. Please be aware that the career options suggested in the report are just that, suggestions, and are there to invite further investigation.

Following the assessment session, the results will be scored and analysed and then Dr Kratzing will write individual reports for each students of around 12 -13 pages each. The reports will be handed back and explained in a group feedback session with Dr Kratzing. This session will take place at school on Friday 11 March 2022.