From the Middle School

Exploring Excellence

Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

During the Week 4 Middle School Assembly, our Middle School leaders led their peers through a presentation on the College Value of Excellence.  The leaders explored the topic through 4 different lenses :

  • Academic Excellence
  • Cultural Excellence
  • Sporting Excellence
  • Personal Excellence

They provided examples and explanations of excellence in each of these areas and encouraged their fellow Middle School students to reflect on what each type of excellence means to them and how they can strive to achieve their own individual excellence in all that they do.

Matilda, Baxter and Bonnie described Academic Excellence as academic achievement, engagement in class activities, learning new skills and persisting when class work becomes challenging.  They encouraged Middle School students to be curious and always try to set goals to do their best in their learning.

In explaining Cultural Excellence, Nathanael and Daniel used the example set by Australian Male Cricket Captain, Pat Cummins, in recognising the cultural diversity within the team and the cultural customs observed by teammate Usman Khawaja.

By providing examples and sharing a short video clip showing a role play, Tommy, Beau and Bethany defined sporting excellence.  They asked each of our Middle School students to be good competitors, to be humble, be supportive and be encouraging.

Akayla, Grace and Chaylee explored what personal excellence means to them.  They challenged their fellow students to see personal excellence as a journey of positive growth for each individual and take each step along their path to improve themselves each and every day.  They also asked each student to celebrate the authentic version of themselves and be who they want to be.  They ended their presentation with the simple idea ‘Don’t change so people will like you.  Be yourself and the right people will love the real you’. 

Congratulations to each of our Middle School Leaders who presented with confidence and shared important messages with their peers about the College Value of Excellence.