From the Middle School

Character Builders visit strengthens bonds and fosters unity in Year 7

Mrs Melissa Stephenson | Head of Years 7 & 8

Excitement filled the air on Monday as Year 7 students welcomed the Character Builders team back to the College. The day was filled with activities that not only challenged our students but also encouraged them to grow as individuals and come together as a cohort.

The day started with a strong message: “Step Up, Step Back, Encourage Others.” Our students were quick to embrace this philosophy as they were partnered with students they may not have had the chance to get to know so well. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to step out of their comfort zones and connect with each other outside the classroom.

The activities they participated in throughout the day were both fun and thought-provoking. They were placed in teams and given quizzes and challenges that encouraged teams to be creative, think outside of the box, socialise, understand the backgrounds of individuals and collaborate with each other.  These small challenges required teamwork and problem-solving, and they brought out the best in our students as they collaborated and shared ideas.

However, the true highlight of the day was when students demonstrated their support for one another by giving “Big Ups.” They showed gratitude and appreciation for each other, offering positive affirmations to the peers they admire or are inspired by.

This day served as a reminder of the importance of unity within the cohort. Our Year 7 students reflected on the experiences they shared, the new friendships they established, and the existing friendships that were strengthened. They also contemplated how this sense of unity could continue to grow in the following years.

Thank you to the Character Builders team for inspiring our students and helping them recognise the power of working collaboratively and supporting one another.