From the Middle School

Middle School Grandparents Program: Fostering Connections and Compassion

Mrs Melissa Stephenson | Head of Years 7 & 8

We are thrilled to introduce our latest initiative, the Middle School Grandparents Program, an initiative that resonates with our core values and strengthens our community through intergenerational connections. Partnering with Churches of Christ Aged Care, this collaboration connects our Year 8 students with residents of the aged care facility.

Yesterday, some of our Year 8 students embarked on their first visit to the aged care facility, and the experience was nothing short of heart-warming. They had the privilege of meeting several residents, engaging in conversations, and sharing stories and experiences. The interactions were a beautiful blend of youthful enthusiasm and the wisdom that comes with age.

Our Middle School Grandparents Program is designed to ensure sustained interactions. Every Monday during lunchtimes and Wellbeing sessions, Year 8 students who have volunteered to be part of the program will visit the aged care facility. This consistent engagement allows relationships to develop and flourish, as genuine connections are forged.

The program’s primary focus is built upon our Pastoral Care Philosophy and aims to foster connections between our students and the residents. Students learn the importance of caring for our elders, while the residents find joy in nurturing the growth of the younger generation. It is a journey of growth for all involved. The exchange of wisdom from the elderly provides our students with valuable insights, guiding their personal development whilst the genuine exchange of stories, kindness and compassion underscores the value of authenticity within our community.

This program encapsulates our commitment to positive relationships and care. By knowing and understanding one another, we become part of something bigger, cultivating a community of good character that positively influences our greater community.

We look forward to sharing more stories from the Middle School Grandparents Program as it evolves throughout the year.