From the Libraries

Images: The Learning Resource Centre (Senior School) and WALEC (Junior and Middle) have been transformed this week getting into the Australia Day theme. Above is the Learning Resource Centre.

Christine Peterson – Head of Library Services

Welcome to 2019, this year the SCOTS PGC libraries are running with the theme of “The Year of Reading Dangerously.”  I hope that students will begin to take some risks with their reading and explore new genres and styles of books.  Students can also access e-books and audio books via the AccessIT link on SEQTA.

There will be a variety of events happening over the year in the libraries starting with a writing competition for “Library Lovers’ day” which just happens to be 14 February.  This is an initiative of the Australian Library and Information Association for libraries across Australia.  Students are asked to write a short story which can be about anything. It just has to start with the writing prompt ‘there was love to be found in the library’.

In March we are having the first of two book fairs these are from Scholastic and will have books for all age groups from Prep to 12 and I would encourage all students to have a look.  Proceeds from the fairs will benefit our College with money to purchase more books for the College.

The libraries are always open to all students and if you, as parents, have any questions about the library or the services we provide please feel free to contact me at any point.

WALEC Display